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    So I was out fishing for Cutthroat Trout on an absolutely glorious Autumn day. Crisp air, blue sky, red and gold leafs. The whole nine yards.

    Taking time out for a smoke of some freshly harvested vintage 2018. After about four tokes, I turned my head and saw this - an apparent Wolf Spider, at ear level, about a foot away.

    By my reasoning, any spider with a skull face on it's thorax - must be one pretty bad-ass arachnid! In fact, it even looks like there's an inverted crucifix on the "skull faces" forehead!!

    I thought this would fit in with the general Halloween time-of-year theme.
  2. My pets are waiting for me at my dorm
  3. I worked at a pet shop along time ago. We set up a big rubber spider on a string. That spider hung above the viewing area for real spiders, scorpions and the other creapy crawlies. When people would be looking those over we would hit em with the rubber side. Slowly, slowly, ever so slowly... when they finaly realized they had a visitor, glorious anarchy ensued....
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