Effort to Legalize Rec in FL happening now - Please do your part!

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  1. Legalize Rec Use in Florida - Current Petition (2017) to include a ballot measure for the Nov 2018 Legislative Session

    (Registered Florida voters)

    1. Go to www.regulateflorida.com

    2. Print Petition

    3. Fill in ALL blanks, sign and date

    4. Mail to address at the bottom

    *They need 700,000 signatures by the end of October 2017

    **If Successful, it will appear on the ballot in November 2018

    5. Vote in Nov 2018

    If the ballot passes, rec will be legal starting Jan 2019 but this won’t happen by itself. Signatures and votes are needed at a bare minimum. If you want to help spread the word, you can find shareable link and social media shortcuts at regulateflorida.com as well as volunteering info for signature collection! You can also donate $ there if you are so-inclined!
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    This petition is very specific and well-crafted. If passed, it will give cannabis users a lot of freedom.
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    The important info is above but I just wanted to add a few thoughts here. It's important for those of you impatient for rec use that you act now in order to get this to happen by 2019 due to the slow legislative process in Florida so please don't put this off. Also, besides state measures, there are other things you can do to create a happier environment for cannabis users in the state of Florida:

    1. Contact local leaders and tell them that you would like to see decriminalization in your municipality.
    2. Write an op-ed for your local newspaper
    3. Contact your reps in DC and tell them that you want cannabis reformed at the federal level, rescheduled or decriminalized altogether.
  2. They need to get their act together with MMJ 1st IMHO..After that Rec would be easier..
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  3. The medical roll out has been a bit of a joke. I think full decriminalization would solve some of the medical regulation snafus. For instance, regulated adult use would allow for 6 plants per adult per household. If people could grow their own medicine, they wouldn't need to pay exorbitant registration feed for their "weed" card every 70 days only to pay for limited efficacy, over-priced medicine from a dispensary. You're absolutely right that the medical roll out has been terrible. Baby steps.
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  4. Many states are following our (Nevada) lead..Our MMJ program was approved by voters back in 2002..Took ten yrs to open the 1st dispensaries..
    I got my MMJ card last Nov..Took a Doc's recommendation and a few notarized docs absolving the state of any liability..Took the completed forms to Carson City and got my card in a few minutes..
    NOW with recreational being legal..prices went ballistic, taxes too. Specials disappeared:(..
    At least the schools get most of the $$ but I take advantage of the new laws and grow my own:)
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  5. Yup, Buzzer! I recently spoke to a woman in Nevada who was a bit burned by the rec roll out as well. It's unfortunate what happened with the price explosion. A big part of that was the fact that transport from farm to dispensary has to be by alcohol industry people, who failed to filed for their licenses to transport. This was not an accident. The alcohol industry sees recreational or regulated adult use as a huge competition and they don't want everyday people to have access. I hope as many people as possible can qualify to grow their own and hopefully all the details can eventually get worked out. If there were government subsidies for cannabis, can you imagine? It would be as cheap as a bag of potatoes.
  6. Having lived in Fl for 40 plus years I can pretty much tell you that as long as Disney, and all the other family oriented theme parks provide most of the jobs and attract tourists...we will be a very long time in seeing rec here...probably a good thing, everything considered.
  7. Well, we gotta start somewhere. Why do you say it's probably a good thing? Don't you want adult-use in Florida? The idea would be to regulate it like alcohol.
  8. Yeah I hear ya..The Governor here declared a "WEED STATE OF EMERGENCY" a while back to Get the product moving again..Can you imagine a Weed State of Emergency..LOL Only in Nevada!!

    Those bastards did not have any rights to distribute MMJ though and the prices still went nuts..I feel sorry for those in need without the means to buy or grow..ie: GG#4 went from $180 oz to $280..White Widow is $400oz..YIKES..
    let em all eat cake!!
    Had a buddy here from AUS..He thought the prices were AOK..WTF??

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  9. I say that it's a good thing as long as none of the other Southern states legalize rec...Florida is too crowded as it is...If rec was legal here there wouldn't be anywhere affordable to live...not to mention the bite law enforcement would be taking on smokers...DUI, etc....
  10. It would be ok to legalize it in Florida if other southern states did too, right? That way there wouldn't be a rush to Florida. You make a good point about the revenue provided to law enforcement for driving offenses but I imagine they'd stand to lose money from minor drug arrests too? I'm not sure how all that would pan out. All I know is that I want access that isn't black market. Hopefully, if a big state like Florida, and one that is significant for political reasons, legalized it, other states will follow.
  11. Any one remember Mr. Lucky? He ran a gambling ship off the coast..How about a Weed Ship just past the 3 mile limit..;) LMAO
  12. S
    Sounds like fun! I believe Regulate Florida has done a Cannabis Cruise which sounds totally awesome!
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  13. I understand your feelings...but as I see it the big money from family tourism will kill it. The best thing we can hope for is that law enforcement will see the light at the end of the tunnel and ease up on adult use, since there's no point in locking up law abiding people for use.
  14. I don't really understand what you mean by "big money from family tourism will kill it." I don't really see the connection. They sell alcohol at Disney World so if what you're trying to say is that weed isn't family-friendly and so in order to preserve that tourism income stream, they won't allow weed, well I get that but I don't think that will bare out in the long run. My family is Mormon and don't like the fact that Disney World sells alcohol but that doesn't stop them from visiting the parks.

    As far as easing up, I'm encouraged to see that happening in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade. Hopefully, that's a trend that will continue but I know SoFlo is a different kind of place from the panhandle and even Orlando areas. Fingers crossed.

    I do have to disagree with just one of your points though. Your statement beginning "The best thing we can hope for..." You probably didn't mean this literally so please don't take offense to my contradiction here but I don't think the best thing to do is hope. I think the best thing to do is stay abreast of the issues and act. I don't believe anyone can really say how this evolving issue will affect Florida as a whole in the future. People had concerns in Colorado and now it seems to be rolling along very well whereas Nevada is still trying to get into functioning effectively 10 years after the first vote. It will definitely be an experiment but I'm hoping for great things! Even if it turns out less than satisfactory, I'm happy to make the efforts and try. It's our world, we have to do what we can to shape it. Cheers! I appreciate your input as a long time Floridian ( I just moved here this past year, in Miami)
  15. Yeah, that's just my take on it...I've felt like you do, and still do...it's just that money rules it all, and our legislators in Tallahassee are going to do what the big boys want...
    Since you've only been here a year you don't know about the 2012 election when MMJ was first proposed...Sheldon Addelson, the casino pimp from Nevada appeared in our capital throwing money around trying to defeat the first MMJ proposal that was on the ballot, which he did.
    I couldn't figure it out at the time, but this past year told the tale...he wanted rec in Nevada and he saw that defeating it here was the key in getting it through in Nevada, a state that was all about adult privilege/entertainment, which was rapidly circling the drain, as people didn't have the money to piss away on gambling and entertainment, but the availability of legal weed would breathe life back into their industry...sooooo
  16. Oh, I see. That makes more sense. It'd be nice if it was decriminalized at the federal level, which is another thing I think is worth pursuing. That way the market would be open and free to develop with less stipulations and more in accordance to local norms.

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