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Efficient kief smokin

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by episcopalian, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. I have kief from my grinder that is hella dank the screen is a nice size and the kief has a nice very light green color to it want to get as high as possible so should pack the bong (not glass) or one hitter (glass)??? Id imagine that with the bong youd lose a considerable amount of thc in the water because the kief is already practically hunnid % thc as it is so should i got 1 hitter????
  2. nah dude just take your bong pack a little bit of bud then sprinkle kief on top
  3. One hitter is definitely the most efficient way. But Bong is more fun.

    What ever way you choose, put weed, then kief, then weed. That way the kief doesn't get torched by the lighter. But the buds will first then you can pull the ember through the kief, much more efficient and that ember is much lower in temperature than the light of the bic.
  4. snort it 0.0
  5. Don't tell him that he'll actually do it. Try hotknives that's my favorite way
  6. Not trying to rain on OP'S parade but if the kief has a green shade to it ten its most likely a good amount if plant matter
  7. The most effective way to smoke weed. It's a step above vaporizing, but not far off, with effectiveness

  8. I want to try hotknifes, but I don't have the right things to do it. :s

    But I vote this^

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