Efficiency of 2 boards Vs 1

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  1. Was hoping someone may be able to give some insight I notice the 288 can veg a 3x3 I currently have 2 running in my 3x3 and wondered is two dimmed to 160 watts the same as 1 single board at full power in my 3x3....also if anyone has any guides for hanging height and dimming for veg and bloom would be much appreciated..
    Thanks in advance blades

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  2. Yes running these boards at lower power does increase efficiency.
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  3. I'm currently running 3 separate 4x4 veg tents, each tent has 4 plants and are powered by a single QB288 at full throttle. They seem to be enjoying it.
    Check for yourself here.
  4. Oh nice results...yeah just noticing a fair bit of stress now so dimmed drivers in tents to 180 watts see if that's low enough...I bloom under 4xqb288 2 of them r-spec and they seem to do well just the 3x3s giving me grief

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  5. Get a $30 lux meter (google lx1330b) then you know exactly how much light you are giving your plants.
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