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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Iamtheplatypus, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Hey what's up grasscity I find it amazing how different people and personalities can produce different effects from weed. I have a good combination but it can get outta hand sometimes leading to panic attacks. So I prefer to not get crazy high. The effects I get from a semi sting high are amazing, but they can be bad too. Some of he effects can lead to a great imagination but this isn't without consequences, when I'm creating stories or theories in my head it's extremely diffucult to listen to people. What I'm asking you to do is post the effects gained from weed, good and bad.
  2. I am a heavy smoker, I smoke every hour sometimes more then that lol. The good effects that I got out of it is it increases my imagination, it relaxes me, makes me really happy and social.
    &&It gives me great ideas when I'm cooking b/c everything tastes great when I'm high lol. Plus I have been having terrible back pains, and every time I smoke it helps relax me and my back loosens up and cracks. It feels great and helps a lot.
    The only bad thing that ever came out of it for me is my memory...
    For example, I always misplace things and can never find them for days, sometimes even weeks lol. &I forget what I'm talking about when I am talking to someone sometimes.

    I think it fucks up your memory, but just from long term effects. The strain has a lot to do with how you feel too.

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