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Effects on Tokeing and endurance

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by hahhertime1, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. I just started a gym regiment that requires me to jog. Even though I only toke now and then I am concerned about the effects of the tar in the lungs and my ability to run.. for those Seasons smokers and those that jog, does it affect your performance?
  2. I have never had great stamina but I am able to build stamina up while smoking, for jogging I used the Couch 2 5K app which gradually builds up how far you are running and helps build up stamina...I noticed if I smoked before I ran though that I would get tired quicker and need to walk but if I saved smoking until after I had a better run and a better high
  3. Weed smoked while on an endurance jog/run/skate/bike ride does not have tar buildup as a factor, unless you add other ingredients in your smoke like tobacco. Weed smoke before a 2-hour workout, stays with you for the first hour or so until you hit the wall. Weed smoked during a midpoint of your workout stays with you the rest of the workout. Weed smoked post-workout will stay with you the rest of the day and have your body fully sedated and relaxed.

    I personally track and monitor my progress with an UnderArmour App called endomondo. Tracks burned calories and distance over time with decent accuracy.
  4. Never ever hurt my endurance. It actually increase it in combination with exercise. Don't use tobacco wraps when you smoke and you will be okay.

    Hell I smoked blunts with tobacco raps back when I was training for a full marathon. I was running 10 miles a day while still smoking tobacco raps.

    My resting heart rate was so low the blood bank denied my donations back then. Even with the blunt wraps my heart rate was sitting near 42-45 BPM. 45 being the higest possible while resting. To give you a bit of an idea.

    The whole bullshit Anti-science propaganda that tar from cannabis is just as bad as tar/smoke from tobacco is just as that. Bullshit and anti-science.

    If you look at American sports lot of Top Athlete's thought history have all been Either outspoken or very obvious about smoking pot.

    Michael Phelps, Allen Iverson, Paul Pierce, Nate Diaz just to name a few. These guys play endurance sports Michael Phelps being a Gold Medal Olympic Swimmer for the USA Team. He is the best in the world

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