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Effects on Shatter when it Budders up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by maceanator, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. So after doing a little bit of online searching I've found articles saying exposure to heat and moisture can cause shatter that was once clear to budder up or become cloudy but no real information on how it actually effects the shatter/smoke. I apologize if I missed this topic already being addressed somewhere.
    My question is: Does shatter, when buddering up due to heat or moister, lose or decline in quality of smoke, taste, or effect? If my head stash starts to budder up is it something I should try to avoid for reasons other than how it looks? Thanks blades!

  2. I've had clear shatter and after putting low heat to it the shatter turned cloudy like budder. I didn't notice a difference in the potency or taste before and after it changed, it still had a good, smooth taste and still felt potent. I don't know if you should try to avoid it, I personally like the color of shatter more than budder, that's the only reason I can think of that you wouldn't want it to change. I'm not sure, but I don't think it's common for shatter to turn into budder, It only happened once for me. I did think it was strange that clear shatter turned cloudy and looked more like budder. I don't know this helped at all.
  3. yeah i accidentally put some in some parchment on top of my router for a sec and didn't think it was warm and when i got it it had like almost budder swirls forming haha. Wasn't sure if it was bad  :confused_2:
  4. Yes I have had this happen from heat exposure As well. 5 gs of shatter turned budder. I had my silicone on my dash for like 10 min and it made the transformation. Still tasted and smoked the same

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  5. The biggest difference is the look and texture. If it gets too warm you'll cook out the terps which provide all the flavor.
  6. Some quality is lost when it autobudders. All the trapped terps start to escape. If you smell a slab of shatter it has a very faint smell in comparison to budder. Budder releases the terps where as shatter traps them. After a few days it won't be as potent or tasty. It will still do the trick but just not as hard.
    In todays day and age its hard to find, but proper shatter shouldn't autobudder. Autobuddering is caused but moister trapped in the product having a reaction to heat.
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  7. As shatter turns to budder it will begin to lose terps faster due to the higher surface area compared to shatter. I feel like this alters the effect since the terpenes tend to modulate the high.
  8. I whipped my shatter and since then it has gone back to clear, then been reheated by my laptop fan accidently and it sort of got cloudy and more clear in some parts.  Regardless of which part I smoke it still tastes/ works fine.
  9. where is the wax process did you whip it? What temps did you whip it at? I'm trying to get clarity.

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  10. asking where is the wax proccess did you whip it isn't going to yield a clear answer.  But temp wise, I let it sit in the sun for 5-10 minutes until it was a taffy or caramel consistency.  By no means was any of this controlled.  First shatter pickup ever and I was fascinated.

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