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Effects on Immune System and Cancer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kstev, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. How Marijuana Suppresses The Immune System |

    Can anybody prove this wrong? I've read studies on weed killing cancer cells, but this contradicting study from the University of South Carolina shows it leading to cancer growth...thoughts? I also can't find a study disproving the weakening of the immune system... is this true? If so, is this the only true long term negative of weed? I know smoke in general is very irritating to the lungs, but edibles and vapes can prevent that.
  2. I know, I've read the articles. My point is that there are studies for and against it causing cancer from big name colleges so how can you tell which one is accurate and correct?
  3. If you are really wanting to educate yourself about marijuana I suggest watching a documentary called The Union, The Business Behind Getting High. But basically try to find actual reported deaths and causes of marijuana smokers and see what they are. I'm not to good with finding things on the internet but its bound to be out there.
  4. I've seen the Union and I have educated myself. I'm just trying to confirm if there really are some major risks of smoking or not because I keep seeing it go both ways. I don't want to be biased; I want to actually be correct so that I don't humiliate myself. I also doubt that a marijuana death would go under cancer or a disease acquired from a deficient immune system both resulting from weed, ya know?
  5. Bottom line is, it aint gunna kill you, well any faster then everyday shit you consume anyway without knowing.
  6. Can't say i've read studies supporting the argument that it CAUSES cancer, plus, a lot of studies against marijuana NEVER include a vaporizer in their studies, and so base smoking illnesses that are caused, with EVERYONE that uses cannabis. Can't really rely on those results at all.
  7. Uh, yes you can. Most people smoke it, not vaporize.

  8. weed kills brains by stopping there growth and they just become like dead and it does lower your immune system while in the high. So eat vitamin C while high they taste fuckin amazing and get the orange ones :smoke:
  9. So it does kill brain cells? I heard it stimulated cell production from multiple sources... can anyone prove this one way or another?
  10. I'm pretty sure it doesn't kill brain cells and if it does slow growth it is not a permanent effect and wears off quickly.

    It may have an effect on the immune system of that I'm not sure but it seems to me the positive effects are still far more numerous.
  11. No... it does not kill brain cells, this is a myth that has been told for decades, people thought that the high was created because brains cells were being killed, if this was the case, you'd probably be dead after smoking twice.

    The fact of the matter is that smoking anything isn't necessarily good for your lungs. As far as affects on your body and organs, cannabis is one of the least harmful out there. Far less harmful than alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine.

    But I guess it comes down to one question, would you rather die having lived a life filled with stress, or a life that you got to enjoy because of cannabis.

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