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Effects on Adolescent Brain

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by st0rmbrkr, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I totally think that marijuana is safe but I read some thing about heavy use effects the adolescent brain. So I was wondering what about just weekend use, would that effect the brain? BTW I am 18 but I heard the brain doesn't stop developing till 21 or so.
  2. they havent been able to prove that its pot, they say that smoking should or may cause harm in adolescent minds. long story short, it bull.

    Keep Smoking
  3. Weekend use isn't heavy use man. You're good.

    Most of that shit is just propaganda anyway.
  4. The government told me that it will make you unmotivated and never amount to anything. And we all know the government is like...100% truth. :D
  5. hell yea it has adverse affects on people makes em hungry, happy, and fun which is everything our government is against
  6. Ha yeah I know that definitely isn't heavy use but they never talked about small use, so I was just wondering I guess.
  7. the only thing I've felt any lasting effects on is my short term memory, but if I stop smoking for a few days, I don't feel the fogginess anymore. It's nothing serious, I just sometimes take a few seconds to remember things that would instantly be in my head otherwise, like appointments throughout the day and things like that. I haven't missed any appointments because of this effect, but I can't deny that I feel it. In the end though, I haven't felt any permanent effects caused by smoking.

    Just keep in your own mind the knowledge that it doesn't affect your motivation and it won't. My grades and scores have only gone up since I began smoking, which I attribute to stress relief. :]

    toke on.

    edit: weekend use is seriously nothing to worry about. you won't feel the haziness if you only use it a few times a week.
  8. It could possibly hinder brain growth. Your brain is growing much faster than normal at that age, and pot slightly slows that process. Also, studies say that it can produce amotivation in young teens. This normally goes away after regular use stops and is not found in all young smokers.

    edit: Remember, your memory is only affected while you're high. If you have any trouble remembering something when you're down, it's probably because you thought of or did that while you were high.
  9. I have a 4.4 GPA and I smoke nearly everyday now. I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. Demotivation depends on the user.
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    I wanna talk to Samson!

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  11. It means use everyday. Although it is not proven, they do have some convincing evidence. At 18, your brain is almost fully developed, but the exact date which someones mind is fully developed varies from person to person. By effects on the brain they are trying to say that it stops growing. This has been proven so for alcohol, so I would assume that it is the same for all other drugs, but I'm not a doctor or anything. And I would rather believe in big foot than what the government tells me.
  12. [​IMG]

    Helps me in math, however I don't know about brain growth.
  13. I wouldn't go ahead and place all drugs in the same category when talking about effects on the brain. If drinking can cause so many deaths while not one can be attributed from marijuana, it is difficult to assume that both marijuana and alcohol could possibly have the same effect on brain development. It would be nice to see some tests on amount of THC consumption (and strictly THC, from, let's say, a vape) and its correlation to brain growth. Personally, I believe that THC would likely have zero effect on brain development unless the act of smoking and being high takes away from time which would otherwise be used for studying and/or doing homework, even though such a case has less to do with the plant itself and more with the inability to control a habit which in turn effects other, many times more important, activities.
  14. Yeah I don't know I still am getting real good grades but I remember in those health videos a long time ago it would show the brain on marijuana and say that it had to work harder to do the same as a normal brain. It most likely doesn't effect me but I was just wondering.
  15. On a more serious note, I dont think it effects the brain for very long, but while Im high I find it almost impossible to concentrate, let alone do work or take notes. A few of my friends are the same way, the others can work quite well with it. Its different for everyone. But once im sober Im fine lol.
  16. I agree with x_sublime_x on this one.

    The government has only been able to use may and should cause adverse effects on the adolescent brain.

    If the government had any actual facts and strongly backed research, they would be throwing it all around the media, and you would definitely hear about it.

    Plus I don't even consider once or twice daily to be heavy use.
  17. Agreed. Heavy use to me is smoking throughout the whole day. But who cares if you're a heavy smoker? It's not hurting anyone.

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