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    the main question is:  how do you feel when your high? how would you describe the effects of weed on you personally.
    okay so i have been smoking weed since i was 13 years old. i stopped smoking for 1 year last year because i got caught by my parents like 3 times with weed and i realized it was hurting them deeply. i did not want to upset them so i stopped smoking for a year, at the end of the year i had finished my exams and got my results. they were terrible. i got CCDD in my first year of A-LEVELS.
    i decided to start smoking again. in all my previous years i had quiet decent grades (B's mostly) and during those times i was smoking weed almost every week-end.
    this year i have been smoking regularly with friends and there are a lot of things i have realized and i wish to share and discuss these with the forums i am not saying i know everything, i am just questioning my beliefs and wish to gain second opinions.
    the first time i smoked weed i think i unlocked my mind. i have never been the same ever since. i took 2 pulls and choked loads, then it began. me and my friends were walking and i started laughing so hard then my mind just separated from my body. (depersonalization??) it was scary but i liked it because i got to experience something new that i have never felt before. everything was in the third person, it was like i was looking at myself, while i was laughing i was thinking to myself "wtf is going on, i must looks like a complete idiot laughing" 
    then the next thing happened- my memory was erasing itself, as i walked i forgot what just happened. it felt like i was teleporting it was fucking insane it was so amazing but scary it was just a complete fuckery. i kept asking my friends what did we just do, i thought we went to the shopping centre for some reason and i thought they were tricking me by saying we didnt go to the shopping centre i was so confused but not scared i was enjoying it.
    the next couple of times that i smoked it was similar effects, it was either because i smoked the strongest shit ever or because i was a new smoker, im not sure but i remember i couldn't smoke a joint on my own (me and my friend had 2 joints and we decided to try smoke 1 each to ourselves and we couldn't even finish them) my memory kept erasing itself for example i would look at my phone to check the time about 3 times because i kept forgetting. when i was texting my girlfriend i kept forgetting what i was doing etc...
    firstly, what are your thoughts on smoking weed at parties?
    i have been experimenting recently, trying to see which i enjoy more at parties: weed+drink or just weed or just drinking. in my past experience when i mix weed with alcohol i trip the fuck out my memory kept erasing itself and i had very bad panic attacks, every time someone started talking to me i got soooo scared and froze up i didnt know what to say to people i just stood there silently i was so worried so i left early with a friend
    when i drink i become a lot more confident and love talking to people, i still get a bit anxious and sometimes have difficulty talking to new people but i feel like when im drunk im a lot more social so i enjoy that aspect of it, however i hate alcohol its disgusting and i feel it in my stomach its not nice (so fattening too)
    when i just blaze at parties i freeze up when new girls talk to me, sometimes i dont know what to say and my mind just runs wild i think about so much things that i dont want to talk or anything. the last party i went to i only smoked weed and a girl i had kissed a few weeks ago and was texting kept approaching me, i was really not in the mood and i was very angry i dont know why, she kept trying to kiss me and i just didnt respond to her it was a shit night and i dont think im ever going to just smoke at parties, i think it makes me anxious i dont know.
    when i smoke i always get different effects sometimes i get "good" highs, giggling, talkative, relaxed, having fun kind of high
    but sometimes i get bad highs where i feel dizzy, cold ( i feel like im in a freezer its crazy i start shivering and its terrible), like im going to vomit, anxious, quiet , like i dont want to be high anymore the worst feeling is when i talk and then i instantly feel so much pressure on me as if everyone is judging me, and if i say something and no one replies i feel like an idiot and that i should stay silent, sometimes i get paranoid but not a lot.
    do i have anxiety or what? 
    how do you feel when your high? how would you describe the effects of weed on you personally.
    sometimes i regret ever smoking weed, i feel as if it had fucked my head up. but at the same time i love weed, the science behind it, the way it alters your mind, makes you have a different point of view. i also feel as if it brings me and my friends closer. we have smoking sessions at my friends house almost every week-end. this week-end we smoked there 3 days in a row and it was all good.

    and don't forget to answer "thoughts on smoking weed at parties"

  2. When I smoke I feel kinda tingly and every time my heart beats I get this funny warm feeling and sometimes when I'm REALLY stoned I can't feel my legs or other limbs, I kinda get the memory thing you describe but it dosent get erased just harder to bring back.

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