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Effects of really strong weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grubees, May 15, 2011.

  1. so im loosing my mind right now so ill make this quick, yesterday two things changed my method of smoking (switched to gravity bong) and my dealer, so yesterday i tried some and had some crazy experiences and jut wrote it off as a one time thing, ight so bout an hour ago i gravity bonged about half a joints worth of bud and im wondering if either the new bud or the gravity bong could account for the intense closedeye hallusinations im experiencing. i mean ive smoked allot of pot but whith this stuff i just closed my eyes and became a guitar string (listening to the who)only to open my eyes and find my body convulsing to the beet, im only posting this now because im alittle woried. i know this hole paragrapg probably makes no sence but i can re post this once i sober up so ya any insite into my problem would be help full thanks!!
  2. send me some, ill make sure its not laced or anything :cool:
  3. There's no problem, you just got hooked up with some dank. Using a gravity bong also helps get you ripped, so enjoy bro.
  4. really strong weed = really strong high
  5. its the gravity bong bro....cuz i gget fuckd up form that gives you a messd up high ...dnt rly like it but its nice 1s in a while
  6. welcome to the world of dank. :smoke:
  7. #7 Codee, May 15, 2011
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    DUDE! is that bud in your pic real bud!?
  8. You just described my favorite kind of high.
  9. It's the gravity bong and the better weed like everyone said. obviously your not a long time smoker, and gravity bong and a strain is going to hit me hard and I've been smoking for over 12 years. I wouldn't be having hallucinations or anything like that, but it would still hit me hard.
    You're a light weight, learn to walk before you run. Hit the gravity bong easy, or just get a simple bowl.
  10. Gravity bong + Good weed = Some Hallucinations. But chill with the body convulsions that's just sketch.
  11. You just described me right now.


  12. Yeah bro, good weed will do that to you as well as that large of a gravity bong hit. I just had something similar happen a little earlier from a thick bong hit. I was having visual distortions in between times where I couldn't focus my eyes on one thing.

    Woo for low tolerances! :smoke:
  13. thanks a ton everybody for your responses, im feeling pretty awesome this morning. and planing on not doing the gravity bong again for a while. i barely even remember typing that last night.

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