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Effects of eating raw cannabis as opposed to eating dried ready to smoke cannabis

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by psyman, Jan 16, 2014.

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    im hearing alot of people saying you cant get high from eating raw cannabis because you need to heat it to change the thca into thc so i was wondering when cannabis goes through the curing process does this also change thca into thc because after all its the thc thats illegal so that must be the substance that is in the dried cannabis as we know it.
    anyone know anything about this? just something i was thinking about! cheers!

  2. I think the THC acid only partially carboxilizes through drying and curing. I would also think that your body would'nt absorb much if you were just eating the dried cured cannabis strait up. You need to introduce a faty substance like cocnut oil to the bud that will dissolve the THC so you can better absorb it. I might be  wrong idk
  3. When referring to raw cannabis, we are talking about dried cannabis in it's natural state (bud form). And it will not get you high unless heated/cooked.
  4. Yes Raw cannabis will not get you high at all, although there can be health benefits of it.
    When you heat the buds by burning them when smoking, that is the decarb from the heat of the flame...Curing doesn't do the job, just drys the buds out.

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