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Effects of Eating and Masturbation on Your High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Toker., Aug 20, 2017.

  1. This is a total slacker thread, but here we go.

    If you're anything like my friend, then you want your high to last as long as possible.

    He told me that he waits a certain amount of time after eating and after masturbating before smoking.

    Apparently, after masturbating, you have just unleashed a ton of dopamine on your brain, so smoking too soon after this will not allow adequate time for your brain to store up enough dopamine to feel as high as possible.

    If you smoke too soon after eating, the THC is diluted in your blood because it's competing with the sugar from what you are digesting.

    Is this guy on track, or crazy?

    Just to be clear, smoking more weed more often will overcome most of this, but consider that he wants to conserve weed and not develop a huge tolerance.
  2. I'll smoke wheneva I want :pimp::coolalt:
  3. Evidence? Evidence? Wild theories with no basis, or believing in ideas simply because you want to, are all meaningless.

    Smoking after you jerk off? -- that's backwards and a waste. Jerking off/having sex feels noticeably better after you're high.
  4. But you can masturbate before and at the tail end of your high
  5. I heard you should only masturbate upside down when you're high but don't put your finger up your bum because there isn't enough dopamine left.
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  6. Your friend is right about the food part. Anything else in the bloodstream will compete for absorption. As for jacking off, it may be true that some dopamine is expended, but if you smoke directly after, you will still get high. Whacking it doesn't expend ALL dopamine, only some, as does smoking. I don't think it would affect the high significantly.

    My question is: wouldn't you rather jack it AFTER smoking? Why the hell would you do it before? lol
  7. He said that he thinks of it as it's own high, that doesn't always need enhancement.

    And if you do other fun things or just relax for awhile after getting high, you will still have noticeably enhanced feeling during masturbation.
  8. His "friend"
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  9. Don't hold your thumb over the end either. :eek:
  10. Honestly this sounds kinda weird but I was hella blazed one time and I decided to jerk off not only did I have one of the biggest busts of my life but I felt waaaay higher for some reason but I do feel sober kinda when I eat when I'm high

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