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Effects of a hybrid?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PCjabber, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. I understand the general effects that indicas and sativas produce:
    indica - body high, couchlock, (sometimes) tingling/vibrating throughout body
    sativa - head high, millions of thoughts/mind racing, can't stay focused on one "train of thought," enhanced details

    But my question is this...does (or can) a hybrid exhibit effects of both an indica and a sativa? (As I type this out, it seems like this is a dumb question...forgive me.)

    I ask because I've felt varying effects from one session to the next (and sometimes even within the same session -- couchlock + racing thoughts, for example) from the same pickup.

    Thanks in advance, fellow blades :smoke:
  2. I think all weed should be hybrids.

    Cuz if it ain't, your either falling asleep (pure indica) or freaking out (pure sativa). Hybrids, you get relaxation, and euphoria. Shit like that, you know, from both sides. CHOPPED.
  3. Most weed is hybrids. They're are very few "pure" genes left
  4. When you hear those descriptions, it's meant to apply to hybrids. Everybody smokes hybrids, no one you know has smoked a pure "sativa" or "indica". A strain may be 80% sativa, 20% it's effects are as so. Even if two strains similar in that sense, specific CBDs give you different highs. Separates the effects of each strain. Hunger, anxiety, etc.
  5. The only pure strains are in afghan mountains and African jungles. Lol
  6. I've lately had "mostly indicas" that give me that definite body/tingly stone, but where I also wind up with 100 open tabs for 'research' for my writings. The same stuff that my friend and I ride dozens of topics on one conversation.

    I THINK I had a pure sativa once...I had maybe three good hits off of it out of a sherlock wooden pipe and started freaking out when the hippie-guy who smoked us out started going on about time being a paradox/movie or whatever. My eyes widened, not because my mind was blown, but because I thought I was going to turn into that guy. Moments later, the host went to bed and we went our separate ways, but I walked back in the dark, freaking out the whole time, before thinking I was being tailed and sprinted home. It was a bit of a bad trip, to say the least.

    But, lately I stopped putting so much faith in 'name strains'. The only hybrid-name that I know gave me the best of both worlds were Lemon Diesel and Strawberry Diesel.

    Depending the hybrid, it could be like 80 indica/20 sativa, or even 50/50.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, guys! Definitely know what you mean about having 100 tabs open, Atomic :p

    I think I should re-phrase my question, though: When you smoke a hybrid (which I understand -- most of what's out there is a hybrid of some sort), do you feel a mix of effects from sativas and indicas, depending on the percentages?

    As I mentioned before, I've felt things like couchlock + "million thoughts at once" independently and together in different sessions (or in the same session). For example, sometimes I'm "active," other times I'm glued to the couch...but it's the same bud, with different/combined effects (from session to session, etc).

    Hope this made sense, and sorry for rambling :smoke:

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