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Effects days after?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rediah1, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. So a lot of the time when I am really high and I am driving all the cars on lanes next to me and the lanes running the opposite way look really weird. Sometimes its like the cars are dancing or like I am mildly hallucinating seeing the cars turn into cartoon characters or things they are not. Its really trippy and when I have music on its really trippy yet oddly an enjoyable experience. But sometimes the next day or even a couple days after I smoked, I seem to be seeing the same visual effects. Is it normal that I should be still having visual effects like that randomly occurring a day or two after smoking?

    p.s. btw this has no effect on my driving. I have had my driving license for almost half a year now and not a single ticket or accident. Oh and I Have driven high, dozens and dozens of times, and have found I drive just as good or better as when sober.

    A day or two after smoking I still see trippy visual effects when driving. Is that normal, and if so why is that?
  2. Actually, after smoking, I sometimes feel fucked up when looking at computer screens. Don't know why, though it's gone now. Totally random. Like my head felt light, and I literally felt fucked up....

  3. TL;DR
    Yea, it happens.

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