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Effectiveness of different edible types?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by nancygail, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Hello!
    I've got a couple more questions as a newbie 6 mo medical marijuana user. I use it for chronic pain, anxiety and sleep. It does not seem to affect me as most so its been tricky. Vaping or bong gives me no effect unless I take a large bong hit and that makes me severely nauseated and weirdly dizzy which does NOT feel good. No relief. Edibles seem to do the best. 30 mg brownie from dispensary will "generally" help me sleep. They're a bit costly so I'll moving to make indica capsules.

    For daytime pain and anxiety I make capsules with 15 gr decarbed various sativa blend bud, 10 tb coconut oil and 1 1/2 tsp lecithin. 30 drops each capsule. I take one, 2 times a day. It takes much of the pain away but not all. I use Kratom for the leftover pain. I'd like to just use the capsules but if I take two of the 30mg I get dizzy with no extra pain relief.

    1. Does the type of edible change how well it works or is it a matter of strength only?
    2. Are the capsules I make a form of edible?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm frustrated that the immediate delivery methods seem to make me ill or not do anything so I have to wait for the edibles/capsule to kick in.

    Thank you!


    1. Does the type of edible change how well it works or is it a matter of strength only?
    Coconut oil, Lecithin, Cannabis blend hits me the same no matter what it's in or alone. Caps, Brownies, Cookies or Candy it's all got the same effect assuming the doses are equal.
    2. Are the capsules I make a form of edible?
    Yes. Anything swallowed and passed through the liver is converted to 11-hydroxy-THC and is considered an edible

  3. Thank you for the info!
  4. you should maybe try smaller bong hits rather than taking a large one which is of course going to make you light headed/nauseated if your tolerance isn't high (assuming yours isn't cause you've only been taking edibles and other products for 6 mo)

    maybe take a small bong hit, wait 10-15 mins, see how ya feel and take another if you need too
    ik this didn't relatively answer your questions but theoretically, all edibles should have the same effect aside from the mg difference. same insides, different shells
  5. Yeah, I should have had NO tolerance, never having used it before which was why the initial effects surprised me. I've yet to feel "good"... mentally. At least how others talk of it. It does take the edge of anxiety it seems.

    I'll test a bong hit... I've been hesitant to do so since that first longer hit I took... which was from a TINY bong. I was in bed for three days. I kid you not. I was SOOOOO NAUSEATED and dizzy. Made worse when I stood up.

    Thank you!
  6. I wouldn't even recommend starting off with a bong if you've no tolerance, should start off with a small glass pipe and work your tolerance up a little. then when you find that the bowl is getting you less higher, you go to the bong and start with small hits. you can't go getting high thinking you will become nauseated/dizzy because you will send yourself into a panic attack
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  7. I learned that the hard way! But taking it for months now in capsule form I'm sure I can tolerate the instant delivery methods now. I'll do some testing. Ü I've yet to feel the "high" that everyone talks about. Not sure what that is even like. The only high I've ever felt is from narcotics and ritalin... which I metabolize crazy fast so I can't use them. Marijuana appears to be a different type of euphoria which I've yet to hit.
  8. I have a small list of herbs that helps me deal with the pain.
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    In fact, only kratom saves me from pain. I've tried marijuana, but I think I'm getting used to it. I didn't notice kratom's addiction on me. I've been using it for over 4 years now. Although it may depend on the amount you consume each day. I use kratom for pain relief, as a sedative, as it allows me to be alert and worry less. Of the large number of drugs that are on the market, I prefer to use , they are fast and light, and you can even carry them with you wherever you go. I've tried a lot of different brands over the years, but there's one I really like that I recently discovered. I really like their range, as well as the prices and delivery times.
  10. And they are?

    For canna/coconut oil/bees wax rubs ive added clove oil, cat nip, lavender oil. But none so far for edibles.
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    Kratom is a very effective remedy for chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia! I tell you from my own experience. The uniqueness of Kratom is that a small dose usually works as a stimulant, and a large dose as a relaxant. It is a natural antidepressant, the tea from this plant increases the body's energy level and mood, helps concentrate on mental work, and increases stamina during physical activity. Visit the page here for blue magic kratom information , good luck!
  12. I recommend newbs start with a clean bowl or joint & go at your own pace & advance as tolerated. I like to be in control & YOU can decide once you have had enough & stop puffing, can't do that with a pill plus theres no real wait.. Also different strains have different effects as well as indica vs sativa. you got some homework to do. I'm a granddaddy purple fan. Once you figure out 'your dose" then going forward to edibles/tinctures won't be a big mystery. best of luck.
  13. Maybe go for a setiva, indica is more or less a downer. Amnesisa Haze is known to be a "Happy" weed.

    I think it's that has a place where you can enter the effects you want and they will recomend a list of strains. They also tell about the strains.

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