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Effective T-Break length

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Igethigh81, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. I see a lot of T break threads on here but none quite capture what I'm looking for, or aren't very recent enough for me as well as inexperienced ppl who don't really seem to know what they're talking about . What is the most effective length of time for a tolerance break?? I don't have problem not smoking I just need to know how long to abstain. I've done a month before an it was pretty effective 2 bowl hits and I was blasted just like old times. I'm curious is a month overkill? Or is a week long break (where I stand now) enough? shall abstain another week or so? What are some of your own personal time tables.

    Again I don't need to know how to pass the time or how miserable it is not to smoke hoping the experienced community will yield fruitful answers thanks!!
  2. My issue with T breaks is that after a week off, I'll smoke for a few days and I'm right back to where I was. Whenever I want to lower my tolerance, I just smoke less. I generally smoke 2-3 times throughout the day. If it gets too high, I'll usually try to do once every day, or maybe every other day. My tolerance breaks were usually 1 week long, but I got fed up after awhile lol. I've smoked every day for years and I can still get baked off a fat bong bowl or even a .5-1g blunt. Hell, even a couple good hits off a bowl can be enough. With smoking, I feel like there's a diminishing return; in the sense that your highness to hit ratio lowers over the course of the session (bad inhalation form, etc), so just pace yourself and don't smoke more than what's needed. Vaporizers get me high no matter what. Just my .02, but everyone's different
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  3. Suppose I can try limiting my self to once a day or so. Just a guy who likes his wake n bakes. And the pre work Bong rip. And running the errands while high. As well as working out high. And of course the pre dinner toke. As well as blazing and gaming

    My average day lol
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  4. Exactly how I used to be. The wake n bake was the worst part for me, but once I cut that out my tolerance dropped and I had so much more energy. I couldn't not go to work high, cus it made working so much more fun lol. and working out high is fun and all, but if I burn an indica I get this weird morphed body image and instantly feel smaller than everyone in the room, even though that's definitely not the case lmfao (sativa's are a different story ;)). Wish you the best of luck with cutting down the tolerance :pimp:
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  5. Been smoking almost 4 years now and I vary my tolerance breaks and honestly no matter if 3 days to 3 months, after the first few blazing sessions, I'm already back to where I used to be :thumbsdown:. But the most effective for me personally was 2 weeks. But everyone is different. Regardless, I hope you find a time that is perfect for you!
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  6. 7days is good for me otherwise I get too high the 1st time
  7. I took a week long Tbreak once and it got my higher, but I wouldn't say blasted. I can imagine 2 weeks being more effective and a month being the most effective. And to maintain a semi-low tolerance, I never wake and bake (usually vape once in the afternoon and twice in the evening, or just in the evening), I barely ever vape more than .4 a day (unless special circumstances), and I buy good ganja :coolalt: I have never been dissatisfied with my high and if you wanna get blasted every time you smoke limit your smoking to weekends only and in a short amount of time your tolerance will be significantly lowered.
  8. So for the average person who is a heavy smoker, it takes 30 days to fully clear the system. If you're average, the length of your T break doesn't have to be any longer than that, otherwise it's overkill I think.

    Now, that's a rough number that is based on average proportions. There are two things to consider when talking length of the break.
    1) What are you trying to accomplish? If tolerance lowering is the goal, you shold feel a difference after quitting for 3 days. If you want to get back to your virgin level of tolerance so you can blaze past the stars, consider taking the full month. But note that you'll never go back to how it felt the first few times, because your brain knows now how to handle the influx of delicious THC.
    2) Your body type, metabolic rate, liver function, and other physical factors will change the length you need. Being overweight will mean you need longer abstinence. Being female means you would take even longer. You say you're physically active, which would mean you can take LESS time, if during your break you stay healthy and active. That helps flush you of the residuals that weed can leave in the system.

    I'd personally recommend taking a week off every 3 months. That is a pretty good generic timetable that works for most people.

    I'm in the tail end of a 30 day break. I'm both female and slightly overweight, so I decided to give myself the maximum time. In fact, a person with my body type may need extra time off, but I don't want to!

    ... this has been SO difficult but I wasn't even getting high anymore after being a 3 - 5 times a day toker. I can smoke again this Wednesday and I'm so goddamn excited. Best of luck to you, I hope you get what you need out of it.
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