Effect of Spectrum on Plant

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  1. Effect of Spectrum on plant
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  2. Green light: Is it important for plant growth?
    Growing Seedlings Under LEDs: Part Two
    Figure 1. Impatiens grown after germination under blue (B), green (G) and red (R) LEDs or fluorescent lamps (FL). The number after each LED color represents the percentage of that color, e.g., G50+R50 means that plants were grown under 50 percent green light and 50 percent red light. The LEDs can be seen behind the treatment percentages.

    B=blue, 446 nm; G=green, 516nm; R=red, 634 nm+664nm; Fl=Fluorescent

    Figure 2. Relative height of impatiens, tomato and salvia four weeks after germination at 68°F under seven lighting treatments delivered by blue (B), green (G) and red (R) LEDs or fluorescent lamps. All lighting treatments delivered the same light intensity.
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  3. What an interesting figure Tbone! It appears the more spectrum covered; the better the plants. It would be interesting to see full light with wavelength combinations.
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  4. its true I do miss my old T5 shop lights

    I might even get them out again and compare..?

  5. If you they actually put a t5 white light in the experiment. It's labeled as FL. Didn't do to great. It's not in all the sets of plants.

    I was generally surprised how just red seems to kick so much ass.
  6. to me the red is just stretchy, the impatient's roots show the true growth.!!
    tuff to tell from the pic, but...
    my 1st choice would be the B+G+R (good growth/ great roots),
    then B+R (very tight growth)
    G+R for its roots
    last would be the FL because of it's great growth.
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  7. The red has issues. The surprising one is how well the green and red does. Many people assume that green is not important at all for plant growth and will leave it out entirely in some led lights.
  8. i think.....
    plants do not use a very specific green spectrum,
    every species being different this would depend on what specific green line their leaves 'block' from the lower parts.!

    with a G+R combo it would include some yellows, greens, oranges, and reds, bound to have the usable spectrums of greens and the one or 2 the plant does not use.!!!!!......?????????

    every creditable plant spectrum chart shows green in their usable light spectrum.!!
    i used a 175w Mercury Vapor (mostly green) next to a 175w MH (regular, high blue) and it did good for veg,
    the MH did better, but i think the MV would have worked by itself, just no where near ideal.!
  9. Great diagram.
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