Effect of LED lights on yield

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  1. I have just changed from HPS to LED lights in my grow room. I have a Besta 1000w full spectrum light that draws about 200w and is significantly cheaper to run than a 600w HPS. However, at the first harvest about 2 weeks ago, I noticed that the buds below the top colas were very small, but the trichrome development showed they were ready for harvest. The final dry yield was small but potent. The top colas were quite fat, but not as big as was achieved with HPS. Is this a known characteristic of LED lights, or is there anything I could do to counter this?
  2. I had a 600w MH/HPS like you and I wanted to upgrade too. I had two different China panels (platinum & mars reflector) from Amazon and refused delivery (glad i did) to go with Timbergrowlights cobs 300w and I still think i am under what i need so i got a QB to go with it. As for you even just the cobs would probably do better then what you got.


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  3. your severely underpowered compared to your hps. grab another light if you can
  4. Just as a rule of thumb think of LED as about 30% more efficient, so if you had 1000 watts HPS , go 700 LED. Roughly. Also, if the manufacturer/reseller doesn't list the ACTUAL power draw, run. COBs, QBs and Samsung Strips are all the rage these days. Everyone is going with white light now 3500-4000K, no more blurple.
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    Lmao wrong. I was with just the Cobs but I have 600 LED watts total from my Cobs (300w) + Quantum Board (260w )= 560w

    I checked and double checked and for a 4x4 its enough definitely. Maybe you are thinking watt for watt or comparing china LED panels. Do you have cobs or a QB? Im good at reading comprehension and literally spend many hours a day (cause i have no life) reading about this stuff. I got enough now. If not, ill be blown away. There are guys tho in this field that woukd say what your trying to say but usually those guys also think we should all be growing 24hr light cycle or bla bla bla. Not that you was.

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  6. I dont think Snoop got the candy gram.

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  7. Severely underpowered lol. Come back in a couple months.

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  8. The thing is to improve the yield without doubling the cost by adding additional lights. Like any tactical tips on positioning the board, or a recommended additive. I'm going to try extending the flower period by a week or so, as long as the trichomes don't go over. I'm currently using Bloombastic as an additive. Any suggestions of a better additive for LED growing would be welcome. By the way, I believe the Bestva light is a QB.

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