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Effect Of Edibles On The Brain?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ILikeWeedxD, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. People have been telling me that using edibles daily is not healthy for the mind. Can someone please tell me the effect that edibles have on the brain?

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  2. BUMP. Any opinions on this topic?

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  3. I dont know of any reason why it would be, physically speaking, harmful to the brain.
    Mentally, if you are eating a "heavy" dose every day.... it might not be the best idea.
    It can be a bit taxing on the mind, and you should give yourself time to rest. Reflect on the experience from an ordinary state of consciousness. 
    But unless you are using cannabis for important medical reasons, I see moderation as always a good idea.
    You get the most out of your edibles/smoke and it allows for a healthy balance of body and mind. And alot of people notice an increase in energy and motivation when they take breaks from cannabis. 
    Of course, moderation in moderation also applies :)
  4. I was thinking of doing edibles on a wednesday, friday and saturday. Do you think these intervals allow for my mind to rest

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  5. That would be fine. But of course, you will know once you get there. If you feel like you want a little break after friday nights experiment then give yourself a couple days. Either way, you will be OK. 
    What amount of bud do you plan on consuming and in what form (butter, oil, etc)?
  6. Yeah wegrass gave an excellent answer, an ocassional binge would be fine i suppose. Its those that fall into habbit of maybe daily smoking that it then becomes abnormal to be fully concious and so being sober becomes unreal. Balance and moderation is key :)
  7. It sounds like pure BS. 
  8. Im going to put .3 in each so its not so strong.

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  9. Strong broscience at its best.

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