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efect of canabis on sleeping.. ?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Gri77oN, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. I have trouble falling asleep, even when I'm tired.
    That's the first thing that got me into meditation long years back.
    But i woz already smokin majiruaba then, so I wonder (and never coud find an anwser).

    Hod does majiruana affect sleep and REM sleep?
  2. I know it's easier for me to sleep when I'm coming down from a high. I don't think it's quite as deep of a sleep, though, because when I can I'll sleep much later after smoking and feel like I got the same amount of rest.
  3. I was thinking of starting a thread on this subject too...if I get high at night, it doesn't put me to sleep at all. In fact, I'm usually a bit wired until I come down. Once I do sleep, its very deep and I'm feel that its harder to get up the next day.
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  4. Ya, it usually is harder to sleep while high. When really stoned I can go to sleep, and on the way down from a high I can sleep. I know what you mean about being harder to get up the next day. That's one of the reasons I think the sleep isn't as high quality as a natural sleep. You have to sleep longer to get rested the same amount, but if I couldn't sleep to begin with, I'm happy with the sleep I get.
  5. with some weed i get ill be up all night but with the cheap stuff ill be out shortly after i smoke if its late
  6. reading youguys I realize that I'm always gona sleepwhilst on the way /up/ to "high"..
    So it must be taht I fall asleep when comming down ...
    SO I gotta smoke less, or at least no more "lastone" before goinna sleep.
    I'l try, 'n keep U posted.
  7. Yeah, try a little moderation. It probably keeps me up because I only smoke enough to catch a buzz. My mission is to search for the right working buzz. I usually don't like getting too wasted on weed or booze, so it doesn't make me pass out.
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  8. last night i just smoked right before i went to bed so i could sleep, and i only have dreams when i smoke....
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  9. I fall asleep really easily when I'm stoned, but I heard that THC inhibits REM sleep. I don't know if that's true, but I've only had one dream when I was stoned. And that was a dream about weed.
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  10. i think the trick is to eat it.
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  11. Before I started smoking I couldn't remember any of my dreams. While I was smoking, no different, but for a period of time after I quit I could suddenly start remembering dreams when I woke up. I still sometimes think I've done something that I needed to do only to realize I dreamt it the night before.
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  12. "THC inhibits REM sleep"

    That's what I thought, but it seems that "corrupts" would be more precise: you only dream while in REM sleep.
    and we have here people that dream after smoking, so we now it doesn't inibit, or at least not every measure.
    there is also a factor fo mental stress to REM sleep.
    (working very hard for weeks for exams for ex.)

  13. i think i noticed a similar effect wang.

    ahh.. maybe thats the word we're looking for.


    ... further desciption to the nature of that effect would be helpfull, but i think we're going to have to do alot more research and come up with a far better conclusion than another one word answer.
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  14. I used to think it helped me fall asleep. But lately I can't fall asleep either way. So I would say no effect, except maybe I CAN'T fall asleep if I'm totally ripped.
  15. i find thc high to be very fatiguing in general. even when i'm trying to sleep during an upsloping high, my mind is very active whether i want to think or not.

    i.e. i'd try to think how i could sleep better such as counting sleep or deep meditation, but these are still thoughts and they hinder my sleeping.
  16. Sometimes when I cant go to sleep I smoke a bowl and it puts me out like a dog. But really THC helps my insomnia so much!
  17. during finals i would always smoke before i slept. it would make me not worry about the test the next day.
  18. obviously it depends on wether its cannabis indica or sativa. coming down from indica i can sleep 12-13 hours and feel so good the next morning.
  19. Allthough the smoking may help me from otherwise being restless. I dont have as vivid dreams, and sure dont remember them as well. Maybe i need to switch strains.

  20. ok
    today I learn there is not only sativa.
    I'm a 10y smoker that know nothin (except maybe in rolling joints)...
    now that I know I know nothing, I can start to learn...

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