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  1. well as i was surfing the net chewed as a dog bone, i saw my prepaid credit card i got for my bday and decided to get some seeds. didnt think this through at all lol i ordered from attitude, and im just doing this for fun and mabbye get some homegrown herbs so i ordered:
    1 g13 pineapple express (fem)
    1 barneys farm lsd (fem)

    the freebies it says im being sent are:
    1 green house seeds the church (fem)
    1 Nirvana Seeds Jock Horror Autoflowering Feminized
    1 Nirvana Seeds Bubblelicious Autoflowering Feminized
    1 Nirvana Seeds Northern Lights Autoflowering Feminized

    i have a small grow box with pc fan ventilation, three light sockets, gonna use cfls... i have 3 23 watt flowering (2400 k?) and ill get some 6500k for veg...
    so, hows attitudes reputation? never bought seeds before and like i said did this on impulse i guess
    also, the strains mentioned, pass/fail? just in your personal opinions
    thanks in advance for any help, opinions reassurance etc.
    wish me luck too ;)
  2. just out of curiosity what type of card did you use?? last time i bought one it was only valid in 50 states
  3. it was just a prepaid visa giftcard from shoppers drugmart i believe, im from canada so its probabley a little different though.
  4. bumb, anyone out there? im realizing this may not be the perfect section for this... lol
  5. :wave: Nice order :) you will have to get more light, the general rule is 100w per plant so 3 x 23w for flowering wont be enough for the non auto strains to get the best results.

    The LSD has been my favorite strain to grow so far and I have grown a few now :D.

    Go take a look at the journals section and see what other people are running with. Good luck.

  6. hey i used a netspend pre paid card to order from world wide.. u can get them at like a check cashing place.
  7. thanks, ya i figured id need more light, im gonna go get some daylight bulbs soon so ill upgrade to some higher wattages for everything. LSD... sounds friggin sweet if it lives up to its description :) and im feeling pretty good about attitude, ive read some things about credit cards and stuff but i used pre paid :) they have also sent me 2 emails just telling me the status of my order, ive never bought anything online, so mabye thats normal protocall, but, feeling pretty good about it all right now, SUPER EXCITED :)

  8. I was just on their web site to check it out. Seems like a pretty good card. Says it can be used world wide. But I can't find anything about fees. What are the monthly fees? And what if any is the initial cost?
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    well the card was $9.99 from a check cashing have the option to either pay $1.00 per transaction or u can pay $9.99 a month and wont be charged $1.00 per transaction. also the fee to load the card it $2.00 thats at "checks mart"...speedway charges $3.95 to load a net spend card. fees vary from different places u can purchase anything with the card and i never had a problem with it,
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    Thanks buddy. Hmmmm. I was going to get a greendot card but now I will have to rethink this. I was reading more about this netspend card and I am real tempted to send away for one through their web site. My main concern is that it works for nirvana and world wide seeds. And maybe attitude. But you said it works at wws so.... Yeah I may just get one of those.

    Sorry guys didn't mean to high jack the thread.
  11. if u have a speedway near by they sell them 2.. also basically any check cashing/loan place.. i did use it for wws and also i use it to bet on sports... its totally legit

    didnt mean to 9/11 the thread either

  12. u can get from attitude with a vanilla mastercard if u look on the back of a visa it says 4 domestic use only

    look up in a dictionary what domestic means and u will see the mistake u made
  13. haha 9/11 the thread, never heard that before lol had quite the laugh when i read that :p

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