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Eeeewwwww!! Slammed!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, May 15, 2003.

  1. LOL


    were to nice for em :D

    ah well...thats how I like it
    Feel bad for those who need negativity to have fun

    Thought a lil mischief is fine ;)

    *steals okies pants and runs*
  2. we don't need them to come over here anyways
  3. How can they say we don't know anything about weed?! I know lots!!!

    That's ok....I'm glad I post here and not there [​IMG]
  4. LOL. that's probably the funniest thing i've read all day!

    we don't know anything about weed? that cracks me up. i've found more info here on weed than anywhere else i've looked.
  5. damnit... i'm trying to sign up there so i can defend the city in my usually long winded manner ;) but there was nowhere to enter a password on registration do now i havnt got a clue what my password is...


    the moment i get signed up they gonna get an earful! :D

  6. check your email Digit :D
  7. hmmm.... i'm going to keep an eye on that thread to see if anyone proves me wrong and responds with something that requires more thought than "thats totally gay!"

  8. Digit, your post was awesome :D
  9. I'm too lazy to sign up over there to post this so I'll do it here.

    Attached Files:

  10. arent they always? ;p


    Whats happening!? argh! my head is swelling up to the size of my 19" monitor!! argh! argh!
  11. not defendin YaHooka scum or n e thing but i think scoobiedoobie did have a point. i think this froum is way too frienndly, not sayin its a bad thing but it like wherever u go u sohuld have a friend and a foe. it will just make things more spicer in the city ;) But as soon as sum1 opens there mouth and start becoming assholes they delete the thread. Mayb we should have a thread dedicated to slag each otha off and other forums LOL no 1 on my list is ognna b YaHooka ;)
  12. lol,l forgot my word in on that post. I *am* a member over there! lol...

  13. i disagree entirely.

    having enemies only makes us all waste time and resources on fending of those enemies. Like i once said elsewhere on the boards, although having a comon enemy may unite the clans, its not the enemy but the goal of defeating the enemy. what we need is a common goal.
    but not only that, the world would be a far better and far more progressive place if we could always work co-operatively rather than competetively. I'm not saying we should live in some estranged facists paradise where everyone is exactly the same, everyone knows i like a good debate... im just saying it would be good if we could all be reading form the same page --- scrap that... the same BOOK!

    hehe, i think i'm gonna go visit the official fuck of thread! ;)
  14. yeah, tell those little fuckers whose boss :)


  15. Thats ya own point ov view Digit. i jus feel that we are restrained from showin our true feelngs on this forum cause if we decide to say sumting contreversial then a Mod or a Super Mod will just delete the thread immdetialy. The whole point of forums are 4 ppl to talk freely about sumting they enjoy and can feel apart of which i have no doubt is happining but personally i think this is harder cause we gotta do it in the way all the Oldies say its gotta b dun cause basically all you control the rest of us on this site, in one way or another, which as much as n e body can deny is the truth whether we realise it or not, but thats aight cause theres need 2 b sum old timers the rest look up 2 here and with that u guys deserve sum type of control cause all u have earned it.;)

    Remember we are all stoners with amazin imaginations and perception on life and we can show this, but in our own way and 1 thing i have learnt is this, without a postive there is no negative, without no males ther would b no females etc, etc... so really the point im cummin 2 is the Friend & Foe thing, we need friends and foes in our lives so we can have a balance, more competition and when we do, both parties try do 1 beta then the otha. This is where the fun and the drive to do beta cums in and this makes ppl actually use there intulect more. And when u said "co-operatively" i think ya misuse the word, cause wot i took from wot u said there is that instead of having our own thought ov wot we think, we should change it so we can b controlled and instead ov figuring out our own picture we should work with others and try figuring it out with them which can b possible but alot of ppl have difficulty in trust, who i can't blame cause as Ganja Kru Quoted "My bestfirend can be my worst enemy" we gotta b very careful cause there is brainwashin goin on all the time. N e ov us can just get stabed in the back and most ov us have, well i have most definetly from personal experience. At the end of the day woteva we do its for oursleves and we have our own agenda, our own goals and our own mind so really 4 us bein on the "same page" well thats just down to the indiviual and how they decide to play it. Its up 2 u whether u should trust or not, will it b good 4 the short-term or the long-term and what will b the consequences ov these doings.
  16. i wanna do my typical full length reply (cause you deserve as much) but i just havnt got the energy... and i wanna go outside to watch the eclipse. :D

    yeah thats kinda why i personally kicked up fuss over the rules fiasco. it was encroaching on our freedoms a little too much.. and you know... where do we draw the line?

    anyways... like i said.. i wanna say more and got more to say... but i'm of to gaze up at a bright diminishing circle in the sky. ;)
  17. :/ its too cloudy here to watch the eclipse. I was so looking forward to it too!

    yeah thats what happens. and if one more post is someones opinion that isnt conforming to the structured and concuring views of the mods, it will be deleted immediatly.
  18. man why is there arguing ? the forums both have the same purpose and we all do the same thing.. you should COMBINE THE FORUMS!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOAHHHHH CCCCCRAZZZZZY MAN.. that would be CCCCCCRRRRAAAAZZZZZYYYY K - R A Z Y .. Hazy? LaZy? MAzy? Jazzy ? Dazzy? Razzy? WOAH...... ok.. ill stop..

    heh.. *punches himself in the face*

    there.. some mischeif >=]
  19. maybe its just better off that the hooligans think this place is boring. i agree with whoever said maybe it'll keep em outta the grass.


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