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  1. so yea, i took some ex like an hour ago at 10:30... i don't feel shit yet... twas i jipped?

    does anybody know like one of them sites where you can go and check out the diffrent pills and shit?

    it was blue with like a 5 that looked more like an S
  2. Yeah Ive had friends who said their roll diddnt kick in until like 3 hours after ingestion just be patient and hope youve got the real deal.
  3. I hate that feeling right before something kicks in. I feel ripped off then half an hour later I'm like, shittttttttttttttttttttt.
  4. Well, if you dont feel nothing within 2½ hours, your mighta got jipped, ive had pills that crept up on me several hours into the night, i popped 1, hour later nothing happened, took another nothing, then took a third, and they all hit me at once and i was Wrekt.

  5. First time I rolled was pure MDMA, so smooth I barely knew I was rolling, until the afterparty where we smoked a shitload of medicinal grade bud, and I too, was Wrekt. And when the roll was in full force I smashed my fingernail in a car door. It hurt, but when I put ice on it it was sending electric pleasure shocks up my arm :D
  6. Hahahah, i love MDMA i did a 2 rails of it and HOLY SHIT haha, i was toasted.
  7. yum...rolls...I could munch down a couple.

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