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Discussion in 'General' started by JonBongJovi, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. I was at this gas station with my gf tonight getting a bite to eat at the A&W attached to it. These three kids were trying to buy smokes or cigars or something and they clerk said no because they were underage. Then one of the kids got all smooth. "Look man, let me make you a deal..." I wasn't really listening and walked past them to get my food but it sounded kinda funny at the time.

    They were still trying to score the smokes a few minutes later while we were waiting for our food and I remembered I wanted to get a lottery ticket for Saturday($29 million baby!) and walked up to the counter to get one.

    On the way to the counter one of the kids asked me if he could give me five bucks to get him a pack of pintos(whatever the hell those are). At first I just gave him a stone-faced "No" but then he asked me why not. I turned to the three kids and said, "Don't smoke tobacco, that shit just gives you cancer. Smoke weed instead!" They told me the smoke weed too and they like to mix the tobacco with hash. I reiterated that they should stick to weed and stay away from tobacco.

    I really felt like I did some good today. :rolleyes:
  2. haha. Set them straight man.
  3. Way to set them straight...speaking of the lotto ... i'm hoping that the husband got our tickets too!! :p
  4. Yeah, I could buy a lot of Roors and custom trumpets with $29 million. I'll let you know if I win. :)
  5. haha. some kids asked me to get them a blunt about a month ago and i said no.
    then i bought them a box when i went in.

  6. LMAO its in writing!!!!!!! I'll hold you to it! :D good luck...:rolleyes:
  7. If I had $29 million, I would call up the roor shop in germany and have them make me a custom 6 foot, with ice catcher, ashcatcher, everything! and it would be like triple the thickness of the thickest roor so it would neevvveerrr break :)
  8. I did something similar today. I was at this sort of fair thing in my town and I saw these two kids walking around smoking cigs. They looked about 14 or 15. I just walked right up to them and said, "Man, you guys shouldn't smoke that stuff. It'll get you all addicted and you'll get cancer. Don't smoke anything but weed."
    I don't think they listened, but hey, I tried.
  9. Mento's. Pintos are beans:)
  10. u should have just taken the 5bucks :D
  11. should have sold em a nickel and let em see the light.
  12. Weed is great.
    Tobacco isn't so great.

    Education for a day!
  13. this isnt about this very thread but its a story of my own about talking to kids about weed... There are these really young kids down my street, like 5th grade, and theres another one in 8th or 9th. (that kid is a little bitch) but i was outside and the 5th grader and his friends were talking to me about the other kid and they ware like "did u know that "---'s" friends smoke marijuana?!" and i just raised my eyebrows because i didnt know what to say to these young'ns. what do you think i should have said? smoking isnt bad? smoking is bad? theyre in like 5th grade but i didnt want to load the "drugs are bad" bullshit on them
  14. Dude.. that's jailbait :p
  15. blouw: smoke those *****s up

    jk :(

    prolly shouldnt say anything, theyre not your kids and you dont want to get pulled into anythihng. they could even bust you on accident or sumthin.

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