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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Sad Panda, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. I know taking legal action seems to be the way most people consider "being an activist" to be all about.

    But what about the everyday person? I've been shocked that most of my college friends have terrible gross misconceptions about pot. Most do not believe the government propoganda, but are still completely ignorant to the fact that the benefits of marijuana extend farrr beyond making your eyes turn colors.

    I consider it my sacred mission to educate as many non-smokers about the benefits of marijuana as I can. Because after all, only about 15% of the population smokes up. Most of the people voting aren't potheads, and many of even the rational people out of that bunch have no idea how strong an argument the pro-mj activists have. A lot of ganja-smokers don't even know.

    It's so sad that only a small number of people know how great our little plant actually is. I just want to try to change that.
  2. Perhaps you should start by touting the benefits of medical mj. If they're interested in recreational mj, they're probably let you know...but if they don't dig it, I wouldn't push em...

    Good luck spreading the word!

  3. true as what you say is sad panda, theres yet another HUUUUGE aspect to cannabis that gets overlooked, Industrial uses. And the case for that is every bit as strong as is the medical reasons.

    one great source of info is the FAQ on

    print out a few copies and give them to your mates.
  4. finding a quick way to explain why it was made ilegal in the first place is also a good method of sparking interest. it really is suprising how many people dont bother to look any further once they have realised they have been lied to about its properties when consumed. the issues run deap and spread far.
  5. Awesome. Thanks, Digit!

  6. I'm surprised at the amount of smokers who have no clue of it's benefits. I meet dumb ass people who toke yet still buy into the propaganda. People find it easier to buy the hype, they believe everything they read and hear and some are even too arrogant to see things from different angles...I see that a lot. It's amazing how arrogance contributes to ignorance in so many ways.

    There are so many benefits...medical, industrial, goes on and on. We just need to get the straight info through a little bit of time-consuming research and then educate those too lazy to find out the truth themselves.

    On with the crusade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. its a pity.

    a simple lie is easier to accept than a complicated truth.
  8. true man... i've smoked with some casual aquaintances and here are some things they've said:

    "im prolly gonna quit soon... been smoking for 2 years and if u smoke for 3 years u'll get addicted." (btw this is not some uninformed kid, this is a college buddy) how someone can think that theres a magic cutoff point btwn non-addiction and addiction amazes me.

    "im gonna stop toking, i'm killing too many braincells" coming from a person that drinks every weekend.

    and etc etc

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