[Educate me][pics] Anything I Can Do Until My Plants Enter Next Stage.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ThatSmokeWagon, Mar 13, 2012.

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    hey guys, Theese are my Little babies, they are all mids. and growing outdoor, with good soil. watered everyday, the sun hits them from 7am until 12-3pm, and then they get shade, Now,

    all im doing everyday. is watering them once,

    is there anything i can do throughout the days, or every few days, or once a week, to make it more potent, assure its health, or anything that Will help/change the outcome ina positive way.

    Anything would be great, i am newer to this but my life is weed. and im a sponge waiting to learn.

    so please feed me information and knowledge,

    thanks gc.
  2. I would have used a pot with soil instead of soil in the ground, but nothing else to really suggest for an outside grow. The pot would allow you to measure the soils pH, and allow you to transplant easier if you ran into soil problems.
  3. thanks for the reply.

    i have 7 plants or so that get sun 12hr, and brought inside 12. and there abit older, anything i can do with those. theese were just pics already on my computer. but the size of the ones i bring in and out, are abit bigger, lot more leafs.

  4. Nothing much, your doing great, keep up the good work.
  5. its a waiting game.

    thats all it is.

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