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Ed's Coconut Grove - The Lounge

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by AskEd, Jan 3, 2010.

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    Welcome to Ed's Coconut Grove! This is a chill-out lounge for cool blades like yourself (if you are reading this so far) and a collection of grow journals by yours truly, using my favorite medium Coco Coir, and my trusty Nikon to show you a beautiful plant and/or trainwreck depending how that grow goes. Please feel free to look and lurk, and I'd really love to hear from you (keeps a guy going) so never be shy to say "High!".

    Always growing,



    01/22/10 - Mini cloner
    01/24/10 - Regular cloner (Rumple design)
    01/24/10 - Herbs (real ones, not MJ)
    02/09/10 - Flowering girls
    02/13/10 - Big update, added scrubber
    02/21/10 - Big update, Rumple cloner in action
    02/23/10 - Cali Hash (Amber Lynn) Harvest
    03/06/10 - HUGE update, introducing White Widow & Super Lemon Haze, drones going into 12/12
    03/10/10 - Big update, tray cloning (coco), bonsai mothers, Stanley fan/duct
    03/15/10 - My bong
    03/20/10 - Super Skunk (Ginger Lynn) harvest, fat fucking bud porn fest
    04/11/10 - Harvest season & new arrivals
    04/12/10 - Mother fucker
    04/26/10 - Jenna Boo, drones
    04/26/10 - Vegetable Garden
    04/27/10 - Jenna Boo
    05/07/10 - Cloning With Coco
    05/12/10 - Drone harvest, fat hairy bushes
    05/20/10 - Crazy Blueberry Bitch
    05/21/10 - May Flowers
    05/22/10 - VIDEO: Grove Trek
    06/01/10 - Super Lemon Haze (Sasha Gray) harvest - fat, sticky, stinky & hairy
    06/16/10 - White Widow (Seka) harvest - 12 inch donkies
    06/26/10 - Super Lemon Haze Harvest - Free porn with every visit!
    07/04/10 - Yet another drone **Good Porn
    07/14/10 - Crazy Russian Bitch & New Commers
    07/23/10 - Cali Hash Harvest - No nutes with this bitch!
    07/28/10 - White Siberian Harvest - Mid summer harvest fest continues...
    08/17/10 - More harvesting: El Dorado (Rosita), LSD scrog (Jenna Boo), Super Skunk, Cali Hash, tons of bud porn
    08/18/10 - Ed makes it into High Times!
    08/26/10 - New arrivals, new problems, CocoNot, & wheatgrass
    09/12/10 - Super Skunk Drone Harvest, Super Lemon Haze
    09/20/10 - VIDEO: Grove Deep
    10/13/10 - Vacation Horror
    10/18/10 - Back In the Saddle


    Coming Soon!


    Skunk #1 & Marine Cuisine Experiment - Status: Ended due to plant being male
    Hydroponics > Coco Coir > Coco Experiment - Marine Cuisine
    Her Name: Aunt Peg
    Trying a simple and nute-free experiment

    * MrsEd's LSD Monstercrop SCRoG * - Status: Harvested
    Her Name: Jenna Boo
    MrsEd's 1st grow! All organic, no nutes.

    El Dorado - Status: Harvested * Smoke Report
    Indoor Grow Journals > Ed's Coconut Grove - El Dorado
    Her Name: Rosita
    Crazy sativa bitch. First try at all organic grow, no nutes!

    Lock Stock [G13 Labs] - Status: Harvested * Smoke Report
    Indoor Grow Journals > Ed's Coconut Grove - Lock Stock G13 Labs)
    Her Name: Fallon
    Speed journal.

    LSD [Barneys Farm] - Status: Harvested * Smoke Report
    Indoor Grow Journals > Ed's Coconut Grove - LSD (Barneys Farm)
    Her Name: Jenna Jameson
    This is the first run with good seeds, using T5 lighting to start and HPS to finish.

    Super Skunk [G13 Labs] - Status: Harvested * Smoke Report
    Indoor Grow Journals > Ed's Coconut Grove - Super Skunk (G13 Labs)
    Her Name: Ginger Lynn
    This is Jenna's grow mate, using T5 lighting to start and HPS to finish.

    California Hash [Dinafem] - Status: Harvested * Smoke Report
    Indoor Grow Journals > Ed's Coconut Grove - California Hash (Dinafem)
    Her Name: Amber Lynn
    A clone given as an xmas gift, using piece coir type coco for the first time.

    Bagseed - Status: Complete (hermied out)
    Indoor Grow Journals > Closet grow - CFL, Coco coir, bagseed
    Her Name: Linda Lovelace, Christy Canyon, Tracy Lords (threesome!)
    This was a test run to try out CFL lighting and this coco stuff in the first place. Lots of DIY stuff and experimenting.


    I welcome any comments whether grow related or not. Please wish me good luck on my dream to be self sufficient in 2010!

    I'd like to say that none of this is possible without the support and help of my lovely wife MrsEd.
  2. You are a gem! It has been good to see you get back to your love and in the process remember all the past grows through the last 20+ years. Looking forward to getting cooking in 2010 as well. :hello:
  3. Hey Ed! I love what you're doing. I'm subscribed! Will you provide a guide to each journal in "the lounge" or... whats your plan for The Lounge?
  4. Oh good sir and madame, subscribed.

  5. I think the lounge would be nice for the chit chat and updates on the big picture - a perpetual grow - and the various grows more like mini-journals. One strain per journal is pretty straight forward with an update every few days with pics, and it's there for anybody curious about that strain or if I need some help from the GC crowd.

    The lounge here will be one of those grow journals with no grow LOL Not the only one in this section, but a good place to bullshit and keep an eye on the revolving smaller grows I'll have going on.

  6. Hey KannaMan! Good to see you here bro :wave:
  7. You can't really expect me to miss a party like this can you? :hello:
  8. So Ed, If I just follow this one... will I catch glimpses of all the grows? or do I have to actually follow all 4 of your grow threads? or are there 5.... wait I already lost track. lol
  9. Subscribed to all threads! I love your grows, Ed. They really inspire me to get my feet wet :smoking:
  10. i'm new to gc n was wondering if you happen to be the ed who has the ask ed website n professioonal blogs n such. ed (rosenthal) by any chance . either way i subscribed .you seem to have interesting stuff going on and would love to be apart of it .xtra interested in the trainwreck strain ,cheese, g13 and. ice . iam currently growing great bagseed to start n have white widow veg n .. i am trying some of my first grows out so i like to get as much info as i can . take care
  11. Ha! Good question... but I would sub to this one and I'll post pics and updates of anything interesting in the various grows on this thread, and if you want more feel free to dig into the others. Confusing I know, but it will make sense soon I promise!

    Hey thanks iraffe, much appreciated and it's always encouraging to know someone found something useful or inspirational here! I've been inspired by a few journals, it's always been my hope to return some of that to the city that helped me.

    Hehe, well you're the first to ask me that :p I'm no Ed Rosenthal, but we do share the same first name and back in the late 80's & early 90's when I was growing, Ed's books were about all I had to go on besides High Times magazine. Things have changed over the last 15 years or so...

    I haven't kept up with Ed lately, or picked up a book or High Times in the past 15 years, but I still regard him as my original teacher to this and it's why my screen name is a tribute to his HT articles, I learned a lot from those and once upon a time they were really good reads.

    Good luck with your grow! If there's anything I can do, just AskEd! LOL
  12. Subscribed! Love the logo and your avatars, LOL.
  13. --------------------------------heres a funny one for ya . yesterday i was trying to see the sex of my plants n try to arrange them around the lighting as they were growing into them . so i took some string to pull the tops to a sort of mohawk grow, when it bent for the 2nd time my heart sank. after seeing people supercrop i just left it .another thing is that i had done this already to this plant but straightend it it seems to be doing fine but i wonder if she is going to turn hermi on me or what bad things to xpect . because i had also done it to another plant right next to it . this one i stood straight up n xpect it to srtaighten as i have seen before. the others are fine i just started rushing i think. anyway thanks n yeah ed rosenthal is a pretty interesting fella . as soon as i saw the name i clicked on . iam not dissapointed either but, it would be cool if he had threads too huh.
  14. So this is where you ran off too? sorry bout the herm man... But ill soon bbe posting pics of my sad plants ... need to hear what yall say bout them...

  15. Yeah that one hurt man, fuck it I got some new girls ready to put on a show LOL Good to see you back in action man, get some pics up soon...
  16. ed slow down i cant keep up with you;):smoking:
  17. Heya Ed, had to drop in to see what's happening here at the lounge. Really nice I must say.

    Love the idea

    Love the layout

    Love the Banner

    The best cannabis cousine in Arlen, hands down.:wave:

  18. Hello Mr & Mrs Ed :wave:
    sub'd :smoke:
  19. Haha this is great!

    Again sorry your porn-star inspired theme got twisted Ed.

    Screechhh (pulls chair up) How about a Mai-tai? Anything on tap?

    It won't let me rep ya again man. Too soon...
  20. Hey Ed, Mrs. Ed, Miles, Yoda and Mrs. Yoda. So I finally was able to update with pictures. Was wondering if you guys could head over and take a look and tell me if I should be harvesting soon...

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