Editing Profile Location?

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  1. I've looked around through all the settings, and I can't seem to find how to edit my location; i.e., the place I live.
    Anybody know how? Perhaps I'm just overlooking it.

  2. Gonna go ahead and bump this.
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    hit the drop down at the top under your user name.
    hit my settings.. its in there cookie, hope this helps..
  4. Im also having problems finding out how to change profile info, I can do it on the full version of the forums but can't on the new one?? Any help would be appreciated
  5. My Settings link on header user dropdown will take you there...
  6. I've looked probably 5-10 times and I don't see it. I want to change my location as well.
    I went to "Edit Profile" and then looked through each of the sub-categories labeled Profile Settings, Profile Customization, Email & Password, Display Name, Signature, 'Ignore' Preferences, Manage Attachments, Notification Options and My Notifications.
    It's not there....
    That's odd, it's really not there. Mine only has biography, interests, occupation and favorite strains....
  8. I don't have that option either. :smoke:
    \t\tProfile Information\t\t
    • Biography
      A few details about yourself\t
    • Interests
      Your hobbies, etc\t
    • Occupation
      Your job\t
    • Favorite Strains
      List your favorite varieties to grow and smoke.\t
  9. Please check now
  10. Mine is there now, thanks. I thought I was going blind. :smoke:
  11. Yea! It's there now. Thanks. :smoke:
  12. I am using the app on my phone is it possible to edit this stuff from the app? I can not figure out how to edit my info or post a topic

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