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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by CherryFreak, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. This is the start to another huge thread.... I saw it coming first everyone!!!!!!!!!
  2. Grilled chicken Alfredo pasta, buttered peas and carrots, some vanilla sandwich cookies and a glass of water. Would kill for some cream soda though :smoking:
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    Chex Rx mix:love-mj2:
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  4. I don't quite get the point of having "snack type" edibles. Perfect example would be the nacho cheese tortilla chips and the chex mix...why put cannabis in snack foods that people typically eat in volume? Like, I had some awesome caramel corn that I enjoyed like 1 or 2 pieces per time but it always made me nervous that someone (my kids or wife as an example) would plow through them if they happened to get their hands on them. I don't know, just seems like it's asking for trouble.

    Don't mean to be a Debbie Downer.
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  5. I'm nearly immune to edibles sadly.

    Ate a 500 mg bag of sour worms, i felt a buzz. Wasted of $40
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  6. Very valid point! I don't need to worry about the points you brought up, but If i did I think I would stash my edibles where I stash my weed.
    I enjoy them for times when I know i wont be able to smoke for some time, or when I'd like my high to last a bit longer. Like here in California, chilling on the beach with some edibles, no one will know you're on your way to one amazing beach high day but you.
    Also, the high you get from an edible is completely different from the high you get from smoking.

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  7. Oh no, I totally get the point of eating edibles...I make them myself and enjoy them. I like the longer mellower high I can get without smelling like smoke or accidentally getting too blazed right off the bat.

    I just don't get why put them in a food that is typically eaten in chips. Like, anybody who happened to come upon that bag of cannabis chips would easily eat them all (maybe I'm just a pig). And ya, I keep my cookies in a locked cashbox in the freezer so nobody can get into them. I just think since most edibles are strong enough where you only eat a small amount of whatever, it makes more sense to put them in foods that are more typically enjoyed in smaller quantities like...chocolate bar or lollipop or something.

    I don't know, it just kinda sticks out to me as the dosage being incongruous with the food item with some things.
  8. ...and it's not like I'd want a law preventing that or anything. Just kinda seems off to me.
  9. I was gonna grab some candy bars from the weed shop today, but I just grabbed weed.

    It was like tunnel vision, I had a mission.:coolalt:
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  10. Oh yes, I completely understand now! Have you ever tried cooking with cannabutter? Now that, is the best way to do edibles lol.

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  11. It happens to the best of us!

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  12. Just my classic Bellamont chocolates, as usual.

    Need to wait till this evening, though. Don't wanna spend the entire afternoon sleeping or blacking out.. lol. That would be a waste of a day.

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  13. 10mg Gummy bears and 30mg jolly ranchers

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  14. picked up green halo 400mg tincture and cornucopia super crackers 4/ 25 mg. Takin a break from the thc syrup too much corn syrup for me. All ur edible r belong to me :)
  15. [​IMG] man do i love edibles
  16. Make your own I'd say.... A lot of the legal stuff is false advertised and doesn't contain the advertised THC and are expensive. I ate 3 packages of 1000mg Twinkies "dankies" before and they didn't do much of anything, and were $10 each. But homemade chocolates/caramels are awesome. Every time I've made my own they put me to sleep after about 2 hours.

    I've also tried tinctures, baked goods, drinks, chocolates, and gummies from dispensaries and they just don't do it for me.
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  17. yea home made edibles i've had were strong, highest ive been on edibles have been from cookies i get from i friend. I' am thinkin about havin a go at makin sum tincture in the future prolly.
  18. took 2 25 mg super crackers last night. around 9pm by 1030 i was in bed, in happy fun land. success

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