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  1. How much do you have to take to start to feel the hallucination effects?
  2. I've never hallucinate but I've taken 75mg and I was fucked up. I lost sensation on my hands, couldn't feel anything but felt gooooood. Heck even 20mg is great!

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  3. I've taken 150 and not felt anything. everyone is different!
  4. Hmm. I took 450 mg yesterday and well I was blown but I didn't hallucinate. Guess I gotta turn it up a knotch

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  5. It's not quite the same with edibles.

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  6. Strictly determined by your tolerance level I've consumed as much is 700 mg of THC without hallucinating but I'm a medical user. Definitely start out on the lower end

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  7. Like everyone else said. But you also have to understand what is meant by hallucinations. It's not like other things that may give you hallucinations. Very little weed is required for hallucinations, but weed hallucinations are very mild. Things sound louder or quieter (auditory hallucinations), everything becomes flat looking, or some colors really pop (visual hallucinations). There won't be dragons in the kitchen, big swirly patterns everywhere, and you won't be living in a black light poster.
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