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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SalSilva, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Well yesterday I decided I wanted to try edibles. I heard the effects lasted much longer and the experience was completely different. So I asked one of my guys(who is pretty experienced and reliable) if he could get his hands on some. He said "yea sure my friend makes them ill sell you one tomorrow for 15$". So today i bought a rice krispy treat from him that was approximately 2"x2". It looked a little darker compared to a regular one and smelled like dank. So I ate it at about 7pm and its now 11pm. I'm aware the onset with these can take up to 130 mins but its been longer than that and I,ve felt nothing. Any idea as to why they didn't work?
    -p.s. this is my first post here so please bare with me
  2. maybe it is working and your just imagining all of this.
  3. they take about an hour to "hit" you, maybe an hour and a half. you should slowly get higher until you peak 3-4 hours after you ate it. then you will slowly come down. overall, the whole high lasts 6-8 hours. i researched this quite a bit, so i know what the averages are. also, it impossible to not get high if you eat edibles. when you smoke and dont inhale right, then you dont get high. if the edibles are done right, you will definately be high. they probably barely put any weed in there. DONT BUY FROM THEM AGAIN! if you are not high after 2 hours, you will not 99.999999% not be high.
  4. Is it a possibility that maybe you need a larger does the first time? For example I know that when people try smoking cannabis for the first time they don't get that high unless they smoke a lot.
  5. i am about to buy some edibles, but i need to find a way to store them without putting them in the freezer/fridge. could i put them in a bag and then in a mason jar? i will only store them for a week. i dont want them to lose potency(dont care about taste or smell). if you know how, please PM me. its very important, as i will get the brownies tommorow.

  6. You're good bro don't sweat it
  7. Also, for future reference there is a sub forum just for edibles, which is probably where you should first look for help
  8. If it hasn't hit you in 4 hours, then you got jipped. I bought a medical grade edible once and it didn't work for me either. Idk why some edibles just ... Don't work.
  9. thanks a lot! i know im worrying a bit too much, but i would rather be sure, instead of having brownies that wont get me high.

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