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Edibles without heat?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by diehardrocker, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Is this possible? I don't really have a way to cook it with the people I live with, so if I got like a jar of peanut butter and like eight grams and mixed it and left it mixed together for awhile would that work?
  2. idk if that will work with the PB but if you take a tea bag, cut it open and put in weed also then staple it shut. boil water and piur it in a cup. immediately add the fattiest milk you have. add some peppermint oil too. let it sit for like a day or longer if you can. it wont smell at all, just keep the tea originally in the bag inside the bag
  3. this is just what i needed

    the people i live with
    arent very fond of me smoking
    weed in the house

    so i need ways of
    qettin hiqh without
    stinking up the house

    i usually smoke blunts
    but outside the house

    so i would really appreciate any suggestions
  4. Search the edible forum for fumar verdes firecracker recipe. Yes, it is possible to make the edibles without heat here is what I reccommend (this is to make 1, repeat for as many as you want). Take two gram crackers, cover them in plenty of peanut butter. Throw some oil on said peanutbutter to add fat content(or mix the oil with the PB before spreading it on the crackers), add a gram of FINELY ground herb(put it through your grinder like 3 or 4 times, if you don't have a grinder, use scissors and a shot glass. Now, wrap these in foil and leave them in a dark place and leave them for 7 days at least. The longer the better, but I wouldn't try them before 7 days.


  5. thanks a lot.

    we been tryinq firecrackers
    but we end up qettinq poor results.

    we usually leave them out for like 3 days.

    but we really dont qet hiqh.

    you quarantee that leavinq it out for 7 days
    will 100% fool-proof work?

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