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Edibles With Wax

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by jejordan93, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. I was wondering what would be the best way to make edibles with wax? Also, would it even be worth it to make edibles out of wax instead of just smoking it?

  2.  Here is a quick excerpt from a recent post on the same topic; to begin the below tutorial with a completed concentrate, you'll want to ensure decarboxylation has taken place as seen in the video tutorial also listed below, by making your concentrate very flat before heating (even separating it into portions with spaces between each section, on a large tray, can help if working with a very large volume), then dissolve the concentrate "to the naked eye" in warm oil and continue processing just as described, in order to produce a bioavailable solution. 
      Alternatively, after decarbing, you can instead quickly dissolve your concentrate in alcohol first, and transfer to oil, before continuing the process. It's not necessary, but alcohol can dissolve certain concentrates a little bit faster where certain solvents, including alcohol, can pull clear impurities such as salts and waxes into even a clean looking hash oil which lipids can't easily penetrate. (The OP in the below thread asked about using hash oil for hard candy in particular, however once you've made your 'wax', 'oil', or a similar concentrate into an active and bioavailable edible oil, you can make just about anything you'd like with it)!
    Good luck! :)
    (Partial reply from the thread "A Question About Making Hard Candies With Hash Oil" )
    If you just have a smoking hash oil at this point and it has not yet been made edible, this is where you'll need to start.
    The first is a photo tutorial, followed by a series of video tutorials that can be used with hash (a sticky-icky bubble hash was used during the video tutorial, in addition to three methods for making canna oil with flowers).
    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Cannabis Concentrate (Edible & Smokable recipes included... similar to RSO/Phoenix Tears & BHO, but bioavailable & made with food grade/drinking alcohol)

    -Medical Grade Cannabis Concentrate-

    If video tutorials are useful for you, here is the World Summit edition of the CannaPharm information....
    ( You'll be wanting Vol. 1 - & - Vol. 4. but I'll also include the previews, and the cuttings segment and hash demo..... the extra time-lapsed footage of little seedlings germinating and growing over the course of a day, obscuring the little GrassCity hello sign in a matter of seconds is pretty neat to watch, too. :yay:)
    Cannabis World Summit  : BadKittySmiles Headlines!
     Both Rick Simpson and I were the headlining 'star speakers' of the Cannabis World Summit, the Summit is an annual, 10-day, free and informative event, available to all members of our community who are interested in cannabis, in its medical applications, and in what the major players in the community are up to. :)
      Nine of the ten days featured three or more speakers for each day, Rick and I were asked to share the Big 4/20 day of the Summit alone due to the volume of content we provided the community, and to our track records with treating and even curing cancer, as well as other illnesses, with our medical oils! My medical oil video tutorials, Rick's interview, and his documentaries can be found on Day 5 / 4-20-2013, along with some bonus footage from Rick.
     Here ya go!
    BadKat's CannaPharm : The Cannabis World Summit Edition...
    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 1: Decarboxylation" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 2: Flowering & Revegetated Clones" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 3: Hash Machine Demo" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 4: Medical Grade Oil" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 5: Powerful Topical Bone Bars" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKittySmiles World Summit Preview.. Medical Grade Canna Oil, Hash, Edibles, Cloning and more!

    BadKittySmiles - GrassCity!!! - Cannabis World Summit - Comment to WIN FREE SIGNED BeeLine Hemp Wick!

    And a little 'Bonus Review' for the Weed Star Jackson #1 from the GRASS City shop! :yay:

    Fast & frozen wash concentrate for smoking or vaping..
    From BadKat's CannaPharm Vol. 5 : "Bone Bars" - Medical Grade Topical Cancer/Pain Treatment....
    Day 5 - April 20
    And a few candy related things you can make with your finished oil....
    "An edible a day, keeps the doctor away!"

    They beat apples! [​IMG]

    Or they can include apples...



    A few more interesting treats, that are more on the gummy side....

    Canna Gummy Candies, in the CannaPharm :hello:

    OK, these are meringue 'candies' and they are a completely different beast, but they're still tons of fun!
    UV GLOWING HARD Hash or Canna Candies

    -"Meddy" Moose Pops-



    -Philosopher's STONES-


     (... they're really easy to make, so long as you have a few unadulterated batches of hard candy under your belt... making at least
    one successful practice batch is a good idea; it makes a great snack if it comes out well, and it lets you know what you need to improve on,
    if something goes awry. [​IMG] )

    Good luck, and have fun! :wave:
  3. Great information! Thank you.

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