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Edibles while sick?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by just one toke, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. I've been getting sick as of yesterday so basically all of yesterday I was high. Smoked in the morning which was kindve a bad idea for my throat but the rest of the day I ate edibles which was awesome, but this morning I feel like absolute shit. I think I caught pneumonia from my mom. So I was gonna continue to eat edibles today but I'm worried they're slowing my recovery. Also I have a test tomorrow I need to study for so I can't be completely lazy all day haha. I think I might eat a little piece now and see what happens.Oh and my symptoms are a bumping headache, occasional cough, sore throat and occasional nasea.
  2. Bumping this out of curiosity. I never really get sick but I managed to contract the Flu from people who decided that operating as if everything was normal while extremely contagious and spending time on the most open and frequently shared floor of the house was fine. 
    Yes, I'm angry lol. I tolerate pain better than the majority of people, but being sick is something different and I don't handle it very well. Plus I suffer from symptoms relating to excessive concussions and every time I cough I feel like I'd rather put a bullet in my head lol.
    Anyway, just looking to see if anyone has any feedback on this topic. No chance I smoke or even vape until I'm completely healed, but I was thinking something like cannabis tea could help relax me and temporarily alleviate some of the symptoms. I actually have less of an interest in getting high right now than I usually ever do, but I just want to do anything to help this shit subside and help me sleep 
  3. I can't really see how getting high from edibles could slow down you're recovery man. I say eat/drink all you the weed laced treats you want, I'm currently poorlier than a moterfucker with the flu and I'm gonna make some cannamilk later to help me chill out and ease the symptoms. Initially I tried smoking a bowl or two, to try help my headache/appetite, but I nearly coughed my balls out my eyes.
    I can see how smoking might prolong some lung/respiratory illnesses like flu or pneumonia, but not edibles. The active ingredients of the ganj shouldn't really have any negative effect on your immune system.
  4. If you like feeling no pain while infected with the flu, edibles may be your best bet. Yesterday was day 2 of flu for me. I woke up coughing up a storm, lower back pain, wheezing, fever, chills, runny nose constantly leaking, mildly feeling other flu symptoms. I ate a 50 mg edible made with whole buds (not hash oil). This dropped my fever drastically within 20 to 30 minutes. All of these symptoms nearly went away. All of my mucus dried up. I can breathe. Life is good. About 9 hours later some symptoms started to come back so i ate another 50 mg edible. Again fever and chills and all discomforts go away. The edibles also gave me the drive to eat 2 large meals containing chicken steak and veggies and potatoes. When comparing day 2 to day 1 of flu; day 2 kicked day 1 in the nuts. I did not use cannabis on day one and was bed-ridden all day and could not get up especially to eat, did not even feel thirsty on day 1 had to force the water down. I hope this long ass post helps people contemplating using edible cannabis to deal with the shitty symptoms of the flu.
  5. Some dank cali outdoor can range from 15-25%thc thats 150-250mg per gram of flower. Get a hold of some sticky buds and you can make edibles easily. There are a billion recipes for cannabutter. Some methods can be done in minutes. The fresher the weed is, the better in my opinion. It seems like the body high effects are exaggerated when weed was harvested less than a month prior to consuming, but thats just my opinion. All of this may be irrelevant to people who dislike or cannot eat edibles. But if youre willing to try it, you may benefit greatly from eating edibles while youre sick with the flu

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