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edibles & tolerance

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by buddhasaur, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. okay, just a question.

    Ive heard that edibles much more stronger than smoke and I plan on making edibles one day.

    lol. Ive been smoking a lot for a year, but my tolerance hasnt seemed to go up ever, well obviously a little but anyway, I dont want my tolerance to go up in such a short notice. I enjoy having this awesome high feeling that not a lot of my friends get anymore..

    So, the question is: Does the stronger high from edibles mean that my tolerance will be destroyed or at least go up dramatically? :confused:

  2. No, but your tolerance will continue to grow over time based on how much you consume (smoke or eat). If you use daily then expect to hit some tolerance times sooner, but if you are a weekend warrior then it could be a long ass while before you notice much of a difference.
  3. oh okay, thanks. ive hit a high tolerance point once, it sucked. everyone was expecting me to be the clown that i am but it was like...just a buzz? it sucked.
  4. no but edibles can definitely really mess you up
  5. I have had some great experiences eating edibles and some horrible experiences with edibles. It's one of those things that once you eat it, you've commited, there is no going back haha . Good times either way.
  6. what methods of smoking do you usually do?
  7. For me, short term, edibles will raise my tolerance for other edibles. Meaning if I eat edibles, or use tinctures (my personal favorite) they don't work near as well the second day in a row as they did the first day. Only takes a week or so to get over it though.
  8. i used a tincture 2 weeks nonstop (once a day, sometimes twice) and didn't really notice a real increase in my tolerance potfiend. I had to up my dose a little by week 2 (1.5ml to 1.8ml for the same effects) but never had to double or triple it. So in my experience your tolerance does grow a little, but not that much. If you use it all day, every day it might be different ofcourse (but it's the same for smoking)
  9. I am an occasional user these days and my experiences may be circumstantial. Took a batch of GD made with the Master Wu method on a camping trip and increased my doses dramatically each night but never experienced the peak that I had on the first.

    I suspect that It was still in my system from the first night and just couldn't duplicate the big bang that happens to a zero tolerance smoker the first time back in the saddle after a long abstinence.

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