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Edibles thru airport security

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by boca blazin, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Ok, so I'm going on vacation soon and I'm going to be taking a long flight from Florida to Denver. I plan on bringing an edible (chocolate bar) with me so I can eat it before I board the plane and my high will last throughout the flight instead of eating it before I go through security. I plan on making a sandwich and putting the pieces of chocolate on the sandwich and putting it in a plastic bag in my carry-on. Will TSA know that there is weed in the bar?
    Thank you!

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  2. #2 Bill O'Really, Feb 5, 2015
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     No they won't know.....until they check why the dog is humping your lunchbox.
    And so you don't have to post before you come back.... YES, you will get extra scrutiny when you come back.
  3. Idk man, i got thru perfectly fine last year with like 4 big ass brownies stuffed in some socked in my luggage....and they were dank as fuck. if you do it just take precautions and be smart. Its a risk either way
  4. Transporting a controlled substance across state lines... felony. Is it worth the risk to you? I don't understand why you don't make yourself 100x less likely to be caught and just eat it before you go through security. Yea, your high might be 75% worn off by the time the plane takes off but then you can just sleep lol.
    Besides isn't it just like a 2-3 hour flight? The 2 times I went from ATL->DEN it took like 2 hours lol.
     He ain't even trying to smuggle it to CO.. He's just trying to smuggle it into the airport. lol. That's even worse...his goal is just inside. I'd eat that bitch in the car before going in.
  6. #6 Mid man, Feb 5, 2015
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    I know hes not trying to smuggle it, but the K9 Officer that arrests him doesn't give a shit. 
    Edibles could be a felony in his state, I'm not sure how they are defined in Florida NORML doesn't say anything about them. I'm only saying they could be a felony considering hash/concentrates are and edibles may be considered a concentrate 
  7. #7 Bill O'Really, Feb 5, 2015
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     I know. It's fucking insane. Risk all of that just to eat it inside... And yeah, I'm pretty sure Fl. is strict. What was that, Texas wher ethey busted that kid for brownies and weighed the whole pan of brownies and charged him with like a pound of hash oil... FUCK THAT. Eat them shits when a cop ain't around. I'm too old to risk dumb shit. I always was.
  8. Even if the odds were 99.99% safe that .01% is a felony that could ruin your life. Why even risk it? Make them eddibles extra strong and eat it before hand. In my experience being in the airport kills my buzz anyway, I'd just go through sober.
  9. #9 dabs710, Feb 5, 2015
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    Lol @ everyone saying "felony". They charge you with a felony if you're transporting drugs for sale. If it's for your personal use and you're jumping from a state that allows it you literally have nothing to worry about (for example flying from San Diego to Seattle). Even though the airport is "federal", they will bring the state police in to deal with you if they find pot. You only have to worry about the feds if you're bringing tens of thousands of dollars of weed across state lines. Also, the TSA states they don't explicitly look for personal use drugs, they just care if you're selling.
    If you're bringing an edible or two, and it doesn't stink bad, it is beyond unlikely you're going to get noticed.
  10. go buy a chocolate bar from the store, eat it and put your medical chocolate bar in the packaging and seal it w/ a lighter. BINGO
  11. Just eat it before you board the plane, why the hell would you wanna risk bringing that shit through security? Eat a couple and I'll guarantee you'll be high the whole way, hell you'll probably fall asleep on the plane an hour or two after eating one anyways (think about it, you're going to be sitting for hours, sitting mixed with weed eventually leads to sleep).

    However he irony of you getting busted trying to sneak weed onto a flight to a recreational state would be kinda funny.
  12. #12 Bill O'Really, Feb 5, 2015
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    Umm, did you read OP's post. He's leaving FLORIDA has CONCENTRATES in an EDIBLE, that he intends to smuggle past securit to eat at the bar.     FELONY in Florida
    Hash & Concentrates
    Hashish or concentrates are considered schedule I narcotics in Florida.
    • Florida Criminal Code §893.03(1)(c) Web Search
    Possession of hashish or concentrates is a felony in the third degree. A felony of the third degree is punishable by a term of imprisonment no greater than 5 years and a fine no greater than $5,000.
    • Florida Criminal Code §893.13(6)( B) Web Search
    • Florida Criminal Code §775.083(1)(c),(d) Web Search
    • Florida Criminal Code §775.082(3)(d) Web Search
    • Florida Criminal Code §775.082(4)(a) Web Search
    AND they can call the chocalate "Paraphanelia" used to "store" it and charge him an extra felony for that.
     But it's his ass....Or anus as that's what the dicks will be going in and out of.
  13. Can you please just not bring sand to the beach. You are going to Denver dude. Eat it before you go through Security, don't be stupid.
  14. #14 HiRoller26, Feb 5, 2015
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    It's almost like you want to get in trouble man. you are leaving Florida, a strict state on marijuana and going to Colorado! what the hell!! you aren't even trying to bring the drugs to Colorado you're only trying to eat them past security. what's the difference of in the bathroom pre-security than 5 mins later past security. come on, you should quit smoking because it's only going to cause trouble for you if you use it this stupidly.
  15. ALWAYS a good idea to smuggle in places with heightened security and many eyes focused on the "drug war".
    ALWAYS a good idea.
  16. Felony and breaking forum rules

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