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  1. Okay so here's the situation. My boyfriend and I are going to NYC from South Carolina this Christmas to visit my family and last time I went with a friend of mine, I got some joints through TSA in my checked baggage. I rolled them and put them through my tampons and sealed the box back up with no problem. Now here's the thing, my boyfriend hates the smell of weed (yeah I know) and I also got charged extra at the hotel I was staying at for a smoking fee, now wanna bring some edibles on the plane. I'm staying for a week and yeah I know I can just eat one before my flight but again I'm staying for a whole week. I've been reading up on it and I'm getting mixed reviews. Should I bring it through my checked bags masked with other foods or in my carry on bag? If i go through the scanner, would they be able to tell it's pot in some brownies?

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  2. Welcome to City

    Why would you risk such a thing is the important question. The scanners today are way more advanced then before.. Why risk yourself and boyfriend for a week ?
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  3. I'm sorry but I think it's nonsensically hilarious that you are willing to risk a federal crime to bring weed to a state that has DECRIMINALIZED marijuana. You can just buy some in Times Square and ask around those guys always selling comedy tickets and light up in Central Park or something.
  4. I've flown with flowers and edibles multiple times (only domestically). TSA doesn't care about weed. Unless you make it obvious you'll be fine. I double bag some flowers and stuff them in the pocket of a pair of pants in my checked bag. I've also made capsules and put them in a pill organizer (with a few vitamins, for visual variety) in my carry-on. Never a problem, even with inspections.
  5. I just flew international with some caramel corn that had cannabis in the caramel. zero issues. no way for them to tell with edibles, they didn't even look inside my bag. didn't harass me about my vaporizer either, or the 3 bottles of e juice.
  6. I wouldn't worry about traveling within the US with a few pot brownies

    TSA has shown that they are not really that worried about small amounts of pot or edibles. I've heard no stories of people being pulled aside by the TSA for small amounts of weed or edibles on domestic flights.

    It would be better if you brought them in carry on luggage since it's not uncommon to have your checked bags stolen or lost. I'd rather have it close by than be out of herb for a vacation week.
    Since pot edibles like brownies and cookies usually reek of dankness, if they ask you what they are just tell them "edibles."
  7. you can find weed in NYC... pretty much anywhere. shit, i'd say that's part of the experience of going to nyc in the first place.

    you are always taking a risk by brining an illegal substance over federal lines. chances of getting caught are pretty slim. decide for yourself if it's worth it.
  8. Ive accidentally brought things over before. Like genuinely forgot they were there.

    1. gummy bears i forgot i had in their package rolled up. in my purse.
    2. partially smoked blunts one in a jacket and the other in my purse.

    Nothing happened. You should be cool with edibles though. I know people who travel with them intentionally and havent had any issues.
  9. I fly all the time. One TSA is not looking for personal use quantities. Edibles don't hide them just place them in a pocket in your carry on. If you're worried about them reading the packaging swap it into something of the same non medicated item or just a baggy bag. Couple of joints jammed in tampons...they can clearly see that. Have you ever looked at their screens? They are looking for weapons and things that seem out of place. Just don't do this on an international flight. Now if you're bringing an ounce of flower with you. They're going to stop that. They don't have time money or resources to stop everyone with a little weed on them. Enjoy your flight and your trip and just act natural.

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  10. I would never risk it with the TSA if you get caught it's like literally federal drug smuggling charges or something stupid. I recently had issues with the TSA I was in Colorado and I happened to know a couple growers. Anyway I bought a nectar collector and we blasted about 3-4 oz of trim made BHO it made some decent wax. Anyway once it was time to fly back my nectar collector had a large amount of reclaim wax trapped inside it I was worried about flying with it. So I added some hot ISO alcohol to it and managed to get a lot of wax out and I boiled it down into some olive oil.
    Anyway the next day I took a bagel and instead of cream cheese used all the olive oil on the bagel and ate it on the way to the airport. I have never been so high in my life the TSA must have known something was up because they searched my bag and stole my butane luckily my pipes and stuff where clean though but I think I ate around 2-5 grams of wax in a single edible. But ya there strange about stuff wouldn't even let me keep my butane what bull crap.

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  11. I would automatically assume you can't fly with butane already, don't think they want something so volatile on a plane.

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