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Edibles that dont smell

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by productivekid, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Every time I smoke I get paranoid, raspy breaths and have to stay seated until the high fades, no matter how small the hit. Every time I make brownies my house gets smelly as fuck and its a hassle trying to air it out without raising suspicion to the neighbors. I hate not having a high, though, but these two common ways are Kind of out of the picture until I either 1) go to the doctor to check out my lungs or 2) move houses. Anyone know any good edible alternatives that won't make my house smell? Some friends told me weed smoothies and I wanna try it out, but I don't wanna end up with a thick smelling house after. Opinions on weed smoothies/anyone have any simple recipes?
  2. Look at the microwave firecracker thread. Everyone in that thread said it just smells like peanut butter after you microwave it.
  3. ^^ Ive done that one twice, works perfectly. Try it and give me some feedback bro :D
  4. So put the weed on the bottom of the bowl, put peanut butter on top, hold a lighter over it for 6 minutes then eat it?
  5. I wouldn't have thought such a thing possible

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