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Edibles or straight up tokin?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by thcshooter4203, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Wssp y'all? Do y'all prefer edibles or straight up smoking , I know edibles are healthier because you don't have to inhale any smoke but do the short term effects of weed like some mem loss or whatever have to do with if your tokin of eatin edibles ? Most of the time I prefer smoking so I can feel the weed quicker but usually when I don't have the opportunity to smoke or want to feel more of a body high I eat edibles.
  2. I've always perfered smoking. Something about watching the smoke getting blown into the world and watching it roll around just adds to the experience to me. Then again I've never had REALLY good quality edibles just some shit brownies made from a friend a couple times.

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  3. Edibles are really amazing but after eating them for 4 months I might have to start smoking. Reason for that is edibles if they are strong you feel so out of it afterwards. Also to me I eat way too much when I'm high on edibles than when I smoke. Usually when I smoke I still get homework done but with edibles I feel like I'm in a cave but they are still very cool to try I mean you get super fucked up and if you have nothing to do all day then go for it.

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  4. True, the reason I like edibles a lot is because they give me a nice body rush a little similar to alcohol but better. But most of the time I just pure out toke.
  5. Yeah! I love the feeling but for me I always get that "hangover" effect as when I smoke weed it only last 2 hours and I still get stuff depends on preference.

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  6. Interesting because I haven't really notice a hangover effect when I eat edibles, maybe I'm not just paying any attention to it tho, the only hangover effect I get from weed is usually tired the next morning, but a lil caffeine does the trick. But for me it's mostly of what I'm in a mood for and if I'm willing to wait for the high to kick in or if I want to start feeling it right away.
  7. Yeah just that overall lazy feeling. Maybe it's because I go to the gym and I feel so bad if I don't go lol. It's not even that serious anyways to each it own brother !

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  8. True, I know exactly what you mean, but it usually doesn't last long. And also I'm about to eat this homemade weed cookie in a bit. But yeah the body rush is one of the reasons I love edibles.
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  9. I eat edibles(hash caps) on the daily for help w weening off of my medication. For recreational purposes im down for both smoking n edibles. Love the taste of smoking flower n love the different strain effects when in edibles, just love all over:)

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