Edibles On Family Vacation?

Discussion in 'General' started by WoodHouse, May 25, 2013.

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     I've cooked/tried edibles about 5 times over the last year. 2 of the times were successful.  The first time being a great about 6 hour high.
    NOW down to the thread topic. My mom on a spur of the moment deal booked us a hotel in Myrtle Beach for the weekend this June. I have a pretty small family so it'd probably be just me, my mom, and my cousin (my age;best bud)  I was thinking about bringing booze (only 20 tho) to the beach but it'd be a big hassle hiding beer and or carrying around a water bottle with vodka in it that might get warm.
    I was thinking about just cooking around 2 firecrackers and just eating them in the mornings while I'm there. It's been a while since my last real awesome edible experience so I need some pointers. Obviously, I'll have a few luxurious like being able to probably wear sunglasses most of the day and I'd either be lounging, walking around some shops, or eating.  So not alot of time for one-on-one conversation or face to face time with my mom besides eating. 
    You think I could pull it off? I've kinda forgot how high edibles make you since it's been a year since my legit successful high. I can't remember if edibles impair you that much more compared to a regular smoke high. I just remember it was a hell of a lot longer.
    I'm probably gonna do it either way just wanted to see if anybody else had tried edibles before family/school/work and been fine.

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    They won't impair you as much, it's more of a body high over a mind high. 
    You'll still be stupid high. I ate 6 before school one day, not a good idea. LOL. On the plus side, I was super enthusiastic about school. 
  3. I agree with the above poster...They will get you feelin good if you eat a bunch of em but otherwise it feels like a waste of bud IMO. If theres no other way to get the bud there then maybe, otherwise fuck that, :smoking:
  4. If you dont think you can find bud and smoke there then Im sure it'll be fine. But IMO dont make firecrackers because if they go wrong its a waist and besides brownies taste better haha And again as a previous poster said, dont eat too many as I once had a bad experiance and had 6 hours of puking and headaches because I ate 4 in an hour >_:mad::(:(:(:(:(

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