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    I'm going on a longass flight and I was wondering if I brought a medically made edible would I get pulled and fucked over. I'm flying within U.S.A. Should i just eat it as I walk in the airport not too sure what to do cause I just wanna pass the time and maybe have one on the plane

    Edit: would it also be risky to put some in my bag
  2. You won't be able to have one on the plane.

    Take em before.
  3. Just eat one before you get on
  4. Just an idea - I've done this a bunch with liquor cuz I'm super cheap.

    Get some of those 3oz "TSA Approved" liquid containers, put a Hair Spray label on one, and put some cannaoil in it. Order a hot chocolate after you pass security and mix away. If someone gives you the stink-eye, just tell them that you're an alcoholic.
  5. BUMP:
    Would the edible be okay if I put it in the bag that's not going on the plane
  6. It's not worth the risk. Eat it before you go through security. Besides, edibles take some time to kick in anyway.

    Good luck!
  7. TSA doesn't fuck around. You may as well just eat it just before, carrying anything even questionably illegal onto an aircraft is the sort of thing that lands you on a no-fly list.

    Besides, even if they kick in; tired-looking, jet-lagged passengers are always walking around. wink wink. Beats getting pulled out, having your shit searched, and being treated like a terrorist. :D

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