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Edibles on a plane

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rschalk117, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. So is it possible to get edibles through the airport onto a plane?
    Over spring break im going to disney land for my relatives birthday with my family, and think it would be pretty crazy to eat like half a edible and just have a slight body high goin on at disney land haha
  2. lol snakes on a plane
  3. mhm as long as they dont reek of weed, ive never did brownies so idk how it smells.
  4. I'm not too sure about taking it through the airport but I definitely recommend consuming them before the plane ride.
  5. Just eat it before you get on. Then by the time you are in the air you will be baked out of your mind and have no responsibilities.
  6. risk versus reward
  7. stick some bud in a snake and then when you land just put the snakes mouth in your mouth and suck mad snake
  8. ok so here seems to be my plan from these responses. Get some edibles that dont reek of weed, if smell like them at all, from the club so i know they work. ill bring them with me to the airport, and when i get in there to pass thru security if i see that it could be a problem to get them thru, ill just eat it before and when i land itll be like i never got off the plane :smoke: and then ill enjoy disney land if we go that day
  9. I think it would be OK but bro I just ate them right before heading on... cause remember it takes a couple/few hours to really kick in. So if you eat 'em right before heading onto the flight or into the airport you'll be high as a plane while being high as a plane (watup Xzhibit). And it'll last most/all of the flight so do that.
  10. well i live in California, and im flying to LA, still in california haha. so the flight is probably only an hour and a half. so if i eat it before getting on the plane, they will kick in most likely near the end of the flight, and then we head to disney land and im soarin!
  11. You're flying on a plane and not even leaving the state:confused:
  12. yup, our plane tickets were paid for by our relatives so we couldnt really deny them, plus its like a 6 to 8 hour drive which isn't fun either, so im not complaining haha

  13. Are you 15 by chance?
  14. LMfao even tho it's kind of lame I didn't notice that post I'm not gonna lie I got a bit of a chuckle ahah.
  15. just get a medical card and buy some pot when u get to disney.
  16. If they have dogs, they can smell it. Don't risk it. There are tons of places to get it in Anaheim. There are dispensaries all around Disneyland.

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