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Edibles On a Plane

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Flyingsoon, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. hey guys. So I'm kind of new to edibles and weed in general but I'm deathly scared of flying. Always have been. I'm hoping to knock out by the time I get seated.. How much do you recommend? I have gummies 10mg each. 30mg gave me a good buzz and made me sleepy, but I'm looking to knock out. Any advice?
  2. Off topic, but if you a visit a doctor and inform them about your flight, they can prescribe you something much better/more effective for anxiety... just saying. I have bad claustrophobia... elevators and planes are terrible, but I can do them if necessary. That's what I did and it made the flights much much much easier and shorter. It helps having a brother that is a commercial pilot, and a very good friend who's father is a flight attendant though.

    Personally, it takes about 80-100mg for me to get a strong high off edibles, but cannabis doesn't make me sleepy. If it sedates you, then this should definitely be strong enough to put you out. Try taking some DPH (OTC sleep aid, costs like 99 cents for a pack) beforehand.
    I definitely have a tolerance but it's not crazy bad or anything. 5'9" 165-170ish lbs, ~14-15%BF.

    Hope this helps
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  3. awesome thanks. ill definitely look into something the doc can give me if this doesn't work well enough
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  4. @Flyingsoon
    Edibles can be unpredictable at best.. I'd advise knowing your product and personal doses needed before venturing to get blistered then trip around in a very public place like an airport and try boarding a plane..
    Buy enough meds to try at lest two heavy doses a few days apart so you won't get a nasty surprise.. Edibles are not like smoking where you can toss off much of the stone and function if you really need to..
    To much and you'll be hammered senseless for hours and very arrest able for public intoxication..
    A bit more then that and you'll be on hands and knees with the spins and dry heaves..
    I make hash oil for my medical issue and I've learned the hard way more then a few times just what to much is like..
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  5. Just to add something to BNW's post.

    Try out the edibles a few days ahead of the flight so you don't raise your tolerance.

    I don't know about mg doses, but if 100 mg represents a .5 g dose of 20 % THC that should knock you out.

    You want an INDICA edible no hybrids.

    If you are in a place where it is available, I would carry some CBD tincture in case you ingest too much. CBD can also help you sleep.

    Get CBD oil from CANNABIS not hemp.
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  6. I would be careful. The first and last time I did edibles on a plane I got too high and sat there freaking out for a bit. Better to under dose than eat the traditional stay at home and get blasted dose. In any case have good flight!
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  7. UPDATE: Ended up only taking three, was honestly the smoothest fastest ride ive ever taken.
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