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Edibles on a domestic airplane flight?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by burnsita, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. So i'll be upfront. I'm very new to this site and had to ask this question to get some feedback because I really couldn't find any other question that was relative to mine...well, I just sort of got tired of looking. And i'm also a little sketched out with this being on the internet and all due to this big brother society we live in these days but here it goes...

    So i'm flying from southern california to the best city in Oregon, if you know what i mean. My plan will be making one stop along the way in CA to switch planes then straight up to the only city in Oregon you would want to go to (no offense to people who really like Oregon). My question is can i take edibles...say a good amount, maybe a couple of full sized cookies from a club (no, i do not have a card) along with me packed in with other none weed snacks and candies on my carry on? Could possible drug sniffing dogs detect it?

    I'm only asking this cause i drove back down from Oregon and my only possible choice is to fly back up (where i have no hook ups and my actual weed stash is diminishing to scraps.)

    I'd love some first hand real advice instead of "oh. i wouldn't risk it." I've been reading plenty of that on the other threads.
  2. not sure if a drug dog would be able to pick up the scent...but then again i have never run into a dog at an airport.

    i think if you make a batch and mix it in with normal cookies or whatever you're gonna bring it'll work.

    especially of its sealed ya know...for freshness.

    i know you said you don't want to hear the i wouldn't risk it" posts but i personally would just eat some prior to boarding and possibly mail myself a package with the cookies in it for arrival.

    good luck and let us know what you do and if it works
  3. If you're already sketched out by posting this online, how you gonna keep a straight face in the airport?
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    I did it except with 1 weeded PB&J and some other normal foods. But I had regular brownies with me and they didn't say anything, so it's not like they stop certain foods. Just look 100% normal going through the metal detector/x-ray. Forget there is anything in your bag, disregard it and pay attention to the lady at the metal detector, be polite, smile, etc. If they say anything like can we search your bag you have to control yourself and say politely something like "yeah absolutely" and what I did was left the PB&J in one bag for a few days then switched the bag and saran wrap on the day I left so the smell wasn’t leaked in like weed does. But if the airport you're leaving has dogs I wouldn't even try.
    Worst case scenario, they take you to a back room and tell you what you did was bad. Find a case of someone getting prosecuted for it, you cant.
  5. A friend of mine took a pound of bud, and ounce of hash, and two liters of canna oil back to AK in his check-in bag without a problem.

    Personally, I've rolled 20 jays to take to Hawaii in carry on. Each jay was individually wrapped in cellophane and put in the back half of a soft back of cigarettes, with regular cigs in the front. No problems here either.

    I've also taken a large aspirin bottle full of bud to the UK without a problem either. I sure as shit wouldn't bring it back with me to the USA.

    In my experience dogs have only been in the customs area. Domestic flights aren't much problem.
  6. Not saying it's a good idea, but I'm confident I could get away with it on a domestic flight within NZ since I've never ever seem a sniffer dog in an NZ airport, even when going on international flights.

    Assuming you're from the US, land of the paranoid it probably wouldn't be so simply with the hardcore airport security.

    It really comes down to dogs, that's the only way they could tell besides swabbing your brownie or something.
  7. I was thinking of doing the same thing when I go from O'Hare to San Francisco. But O'hare is such an important airport i'm sure they take this really seriously. I'm not gonna risk it, I don't want TSA sticking their hand up my butt and missing my flight. But if that's your thing go ahead.

    Also I'm 100% sure you can find weed in Oregon if you try. I can probably find weed where I'm going too, but i'll be with my family who is anti-weed the whole time so idk what to do.

    If there was a sure fire way to hide edibles I would definitely do it, and recommend it. But dogs are trained to smell THC not just the plant material. So pretty much I would say don't do it if you are worried about getting caught up. If you don't care then go ahead and risk it, nothing I can say to stop you.
  8. eat all the cookies in CA and just be blazed the whole way. your flying from medi state to medi state.. why risk getting caught on the way.
  9. [quote name='"Nepherti"']If you're already sketched out by posting this online, how you gonna keep a straight face in the airport?[/quote]

    Op is probably bacon ...... Investigating on what to look for ...

  10. How can dogs be trained to smell a molecule? :confused:

  11. Agreed.

    If your're worried you'll end up looking suspicious...

  12. Easily...

    One way is to stuff a dog toy with some weed, and play hide and seek with the toy. Eventually you can tell them to go find "Mr. Weed" (or whatever your command is) and they will sniff it out. You encourage them to scratch at the location they think it is and then reward them with treats or play time with the toy if they are correct.

    There are other ways too: Like having a large circle of coffee cans and put dog treats in one. When they sniff out the dog treat you reward the search behavior. Add weed and dog treats and continue. Then just weed. In this case you can train them to sit in front of where they think it is before getting the treat. Then when they go searching they will sit next to your luggage, and that signals a search hit.
  13. But that's training them to smell the weed itself, isn't it? It's not really possible for them to use that method and train them to detect just THC itself, like Magical Wizard said.

    Would edibles give off a recognizable scent? The few edibles I've been exposed to in my life didn't smell like weed whatsoever.

    Sorry to nitpick, I think about these things

  14. Dogs are trained to sniff for things with no scent to humans like cocaine and chemicals used in bombs. I've heard that the dogs smell every scent how we see every color. Even if they aren't trained to smell the THC they will smell anything that has come into contact with bud, such as edibles.

    I've heard that the cops might think the dogs are just sniffing out food if it's in edibles but I wouldn't risk it because the dogs are trained to sit down when they get a scent.
  15. I dont know if you guys have heard of Barry Cooper but he is an ex k9 officer that makes videos that are on youtube about how not to get caught by a k9 and says he has never caught someone that makes brownies because if a dog starts sniffing at them a lot they take it as the dog is just wanting the food
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    Didn't he also say to transport large amounts with a cat or dog in your car since they will think their dog just wants to get at the other animals?

  17. I dont think he's talking about transporting large amounts. I believe his videos talk about daily users

  18. Dog trainers are able to get lab grade "pseudo-drugs", it won't get you or the dog high but has the same chemical smell.

    A dog's sense of smell is 40+ times greater than a human. When we smell pizza, a dog smells bread, cheese, tomatoes, each herb, each spice, meat, etc. Basically, you could use many different types of weed (if you can't get the pseudo-thc) and they will be able to isolate the common chemical (ie THC).

  19. Found it.

    [ame=]NEVER GET BUSTED PREVIEW DAY 1- Narcotic Detector Dogs - YouTube[/ame]

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