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Edibles Just Wont Work

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Steviestrains45, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone! I just wanted to ask some questions about edibles... I have recently moved to California. Prior to moving here, I lived in PA and only ate homemade edibles. They never worked, and I blammed it on the edible. Not my body.

    I've now tried edibles 8 times in Cali. The first time, I had 30 mg in mints by Kiva. Nothing. I then tried 80 mg. Nothing. I tried 50 mg of a Korova cookie. A whole 150 mg korova cookie. 1 homade brownee. The next day, 2 homemade brownies. Still nothing! I later tried the 150 mg bag of crunchy weetos. The morning after that i ate a whole bag of 300 mg kushy krisp cerial with some milk. Still nothing! Every time i ate these, I ate on an emty stomach.

    I'll continue by telling you that I am a 22 year old dude with a crazy high metabolism weighing 120 pounds. Ive been light like this my entire life. I would think a fast metabolism and low weight would increase effects? Am I wrong? Is my diet lacking something thats needed? Can i take a suppliment? I'm really interested in the health potential of edibles, as I hear the effects are different from smoking. Any suggestions, or am I doomed?
  2. Have no idea why they wouldn't get you high? I made some homemade canna butter. Takes about 1.5-2 hrs to effect me.....maybe someone on here knows the science behind it all?
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  3. It's odd. Hopefully someone knows a bit about what might be going on. With the homemade brownies, i did 1/2 lb of butter to 40 grams of 70% ground buds. The rest trim and stems.
  4. I used 25g of trim & popcorn for 2 blocks of butter...did mine in my slower cooker overnight...
  5. My brownies should have been very potent then. Hopefully I find a solution.
  6. What process did you folllw for your butter?
  7. Put 2 blocks of butter and 1 cup of water in slow cooker with trim and bud. Cooked on low overnight..stirred a couple of times...strained and squeezed butter out and then left in fridge to set where it separates from the water.
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  8. I did 40 grams of 45 min decarbed bud at 240° to .75 lbs of butter. Set heat setting to simmer once up to heat on stove. I simmered for 3 hours. I also put everything through a food processor to help wiyh absorption.
  9. I just put my weed straight in slower which point did you food process it? Not sure how that would help as you don't really want plant material left in the butter....
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    I was trying to increase contact with as much serface area expossed. And i dont mind a bit of plant in my cookies. I like the taste of herb. Ill try just grinding it and see if thats better.
  12. Mine wasn't even ground up some was just whole popcorn buds, trim and was even a few stalks...I just chucked it in lol because I was straining it at the end it didn't really matter.
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  13. You want to make sure you decarb your bud when making edibles before putting it in your oil/butter, it will make it much more potent...Put it in the oven on a pan covered in foil at 240 for 40 minutes before putting into your butter
  14. If I'm putting it in the slow cooker overnight though is not enough?
  15. You been high before by smoking or other wise imbibing the ganja? Those edibles you tried, other people got high and you didn't?

    As far as dispensary made edibles go, they FUCKING SUCK!!! Completely hit or miss. Your best bet is getting the decarb process down. Decarbing ganja is activating it so when it is eaten you get high. Hell, take a tablespoon of properly decarbed ganja and wash it down with some milk is all it takes. There is more to it and I'll go a little into it before the Internet tough guys chime in and fuck your thread up over what I just said.

    So, it's hard for your body to metabolize enough of the good stuff directly from decarbed ganja and it can take three to four hours before it creeps up on you. So we mix decarbed ganja with fatty oils like coconut oil or butter so that the THC binds to the fats. Fats are something we as people digest just fine. So when the fats are digested and metabolized so is the THC. Edibles made this way can hit in an hour and a half to two hours.

    Adding an emulsifier like sunflower lecithin will help with how hard it hits and with onset time. Edibles made with properly processed medicated oil including sunflower lecithin will hit in an hour to an hour and a half. They hit like a freight train and will induce couch lock.

    Decarbing ganja-
    Break the ganja up roughly. Put it on a baking pan or in a foil packet (think envelope made of foil). Put that into a preheated 240*F oven for fourty minutes. Pull it out and let it cool.

    Typically a Quarter of a gram to a half of a gram of decarbed ganja is a single dose. So an eighth (3.5 grams) to a quarter (7 grams) is enough for a boxed brownie recipe. That boxed recipe calls for a half of a cup to 2/3 of a cup of oil or butter so that's what you would mix the decarbed ganja with.

    Or you could mix the decarbed ganja with just enough oil to make it a little soupy. The just swallow enough down for a single dose. I keep enough decarbed ganja on hand in case I can't sleep or what not so I can mix a dose in some milk and make hot coco out of it.

    Once you get the decarb down you'll be making all sorts of goodies.
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  16. Make better-stronger edibles.

    The basic ratio is
    5 grams of hash-kief (dry ice method with a 160 micron screen)
    2.5 teaspoons of oil
    .5 teaspoon lecithin..
    Decarb material 240F for 40 minutes
    Blend decarbed material with oil and heat 220 F for 20 minutes..
    Makes 30 (0) capsules.. Average of 25 drops of hot hash oil per cap
    Some Dry Ice hash
    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes
    A little avocado oil for flavor and it extends the high a bit longer I feel..
    Back in the toaster oven for 20 minutes at 220 F
    The Coffee mug heater keeps the hash-oil sludge hot enough to draw up the eye dropper
    Caution.. Start with a single drop of this stuff and add more at 2 hour intervals until your off..
    Dosing is problematic as no two people react the same.. A single drop can overwhelm my wife but I need 100x that much.. 4 full caps at a time 3 times a day for my personal relief..
    Spins and dry heaves are more then possible at this strength so do take some care until you find your personal happy zone..
    Happy Tripping.. It IS a psychoactive drug after all..
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  17. Thanks guys! The problem is that i have a very high tolorance.. i ate double of what my friend did and they were higher than me
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    Glad to hear this. I couldn't ever get high off edibles either. I even tried decarbing myself and all I did was set in the oven for 30 minutes at 240 F. I'll try 40 minutes next time but after that failure with the amount of kief I used (everything, months of dank, it was a lot, probably at least 3 - 5g's of kief), I'm not even sure I want to try again, bud gets me high just fine with only 2 hits, why waste more weed on edibles? If I need to put 10+ grams into edibles, when all I need is like 2 hits of a bowl to get high, it seems like I'm wasting weed doing edibles.

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