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Edibles just not workin for me.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by notagain, May 21, 2012.

  1. Honestly?
    I'd say you probably smoke more than them.
    Not saying you smoke *too much* but then, maybe you do.
    I knew one complete pothead who would eat 2-3x what I would need to get completely FUCKED, and it just didn't work on him.

    Could it be that you're not waiting long enough, then smoking because you get tired of waiting, and therefore not differentiating the feeling?
    If this is how you've been playing it, I'd say have a bunch of edibles, and just wait it out.
    If you've waited 2 hours and still nothing, then they might not be working for you.

    I believe there's some people they just don't work for. I pity them.
  2. In order to get the most out of your edible you are supposed to eat some sort of food with it. You body will only digest and metabolize a certain amount of THC if you only eat the brownie. If you were to eat some pizza with the brownie it would be forced to metabolize all of the THC because it would also have to metabolize the pizza.

    TLDR: Eat food with edibles.
  3. I would guess that it is probably your tolerance level. You probably smoke more than they do so you'd need more edibles to get you noticeably high as well.

    I've had the same problem with firecrackers too. I've only tried them a few times and when I did I didn't get high at all. I don't know whether it was error in making them or that I wasn't eating enough of them but I just haven't tried them since.

    I haven't tried any other edibles except for some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that my friend brought to class and I ate two of them before he told me they were "special sandwiches". Even those didn't get me baked, just a little mellowed out right before we gave a presentation in class.

    So, If you really want to try edibles then I'd suggest making your own so you know just how much weed went in to them and make enough so that you can eat plenty, then wait 45mins to an hour and eat some more and just keep eating them until you feel the effects.
  4. Start at the beginning and read BadKitty's and Stormcrows threads. A lot of effort, but GREAT info. Then try again.
  5. If BadKitty's thread seems too long for a quick answer (though I suggest you read it, it's awesome) and you're cooking, remember to always add lecithin powder and decarb appropriately. Those two factors are the most important in having successful edible experiences.

    EDIT: Eating them an hour after eating food too is another great tip.

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