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Edibles from Rick Simpson Oil

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Juice1971, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. hi everyone, i would like to get into making edibles ( gummies specifically) with Rick Simpson oil. What I am wondering is this. When making the RSO, does it pick up the inherit traits from the strain it was extracted from? For example I have some of the Sour Wliie strain which according to leafy makes you hungry, arroused, happy, euphoric and uplifted . Would the corresponding RSO pick up the same traits or does the extracted THC in the RSO have a more generic effect?

    Thanks for your time
  2. The short answer is yes, the RSO has many of the same properties that the herb it's made from has.

    But the degree of similarity might be influenced by the length of time for the solvent wash during the making of the RSO, with long soaks probably being more like the original herb than quick washes.

    I haven't experimented with this, but it makes sense that the closer to 100% the extraction is, the more similar the extraction is to the original herb.

    In general, the darker and ickier the RSO looks, the longer the pre-extraction soak probably was.
  3. Perfect, thank you very much, I appreciate the thorough and quick response.

    One follow up question, im in Canada, Ontario specifically and am unable to get anything with a significantly high alcohol level. 95% pure is only available under Certain circumstances. Will lower alcohol content options work as well?
  4. If you are going to make your own RSO out of herb, then you need 190 proof. 151 proof is almost 25% water that is difficult to remove, and which greatly complicates the process. You will also need to decarb before starting.

    If you are going to make edibles out of already made RSO, then alcohol is unnecessary. Just mix the RSO with warm oil. But you need to make sure it's decarbed (most RSO is, but other concentrates not) before mixing with anything.

    There are some high proof polish vodkas available that are almost exactly like 190 proof ethanol.
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  5. On the subject of RSO picking up the properties it was made from.... Remember that you are metabolizing the ganja. The effects are going to differ to some degree because of that. More so if you decarb it before or after the solvent transfer (wash / soak in alcohol).

    With that said it is my understanding that RSO and like edible concentrates (pheonix tears for example) traditionally are NOT decarbed. The heat destroys some of the medicinal properties that this extraction is specicaly created to be used to take advantage of.

    So if you want to get high then decarb it for a huge fucking boost to potency with less medicinal effect. If you want it for its medicinal properties (see cancer, epilepsy, etc, etc) then do NOT decarb. Longer soaks will net more of the medicinal value while picking up stuff durring the long soak that can give nausea and diarrhea so if it happens to you just shorten soak time until it's no longer an issue.

    As far as getting high proof alcohol, distill your own. Buy vodka, use distiller to distill it, get 90%or better alcohol. You can re-use the alcohol over and over and over again using the distiller to recapture the alcohol from the RSO you made (pm BrassNwood about how he does this very thing. He's one of the few certified bad asses on this site).

    So much of this leg work has allready been done for you if you would take some time and browse this part of the forum! Another certified bad ass on this forum is PsychodealicSam, you'll see a sticky or two about him making some absolutely fucking phenomenal strides to demystify how all this works for common stoners like us.

    Good luck broski :metal:
  6. Undecarbed THC-A and decarbed THC have dramatically different medicinal properties.

    RSO as originally made by Simpson was decarbed. From FAQ about RSO « Phoenix Tears | Rick Simpson
    "If you have any concerns that the oil you have produced has not been decarboxylated properly, you can simply place the oil in an oven at 120 degrees C for thirty to sixty minutes, to insure that it is now decarboxylated. One could even set the oven at 130 degrees C and still not harm the medicinal value of the oil, but I think that 120 degrees C is more than enough heat to perform the task properly."

    THC might get you high, but it still has profound medicinal properties.

    THC has some cancer research behind it. THC-A not as much.
    Bottom line, we're pretty sure thc is good for cancer, but we're not as sure about thc-a yet.

    RSO makers should decarb, or risk the medicine not working, or at least not working as RSO is supposed to.
  7. I can go on the Internet and site different sources that say you get different properties when you decarb or don't decarb, that say depending on the ailment you might do one or the other. I understand all of the copy pasta and I'm appreciative of your time and effort for doing it.

    There is still THC in non decarbed RSO type of concentrates and it allows ALL of those things you're trying to use to be available for whatever the ailment is you're using it for. So, if you're looking to get fucked up, decarb the oil first before use, however if your trying to heal yourself of some health problem then by using an oil that isn't decarbed allows a person to ingest far far more of the RSO to get those same THC levels. Now you get all of the THC you're talking about and a shit ton of the essential stuff that a decarb can burn off.

    That's what I'm getting at. More then that though, THC isn't a cure all for most health issues. As far as sourcing cancer info goes, I'm a stage four survivor. I will go on to say that while my cancer was in 1991 no one on the planet save (some) other cancer survivors and suffers are more on point with ganja and its effects on cancer and to a small degree other deadly nerve problems / damage. I have talked to hundreds of these people when investigating a cure for my own issues.

    Saying THC is is a cancer killer without proper scientific procedure is tantamount to snake oil and people end up dying. Far more then will ever be saved. At some point a viable treatment will be available that can help fight SOME types of cancers or will work in connection with conventional treatment. Currently though, there's far more opinion and quack internet doctoring then factual science. Careful or you'll Internet doctor yourself and others into a coveted Darwin Award.

    I feel like you try and put words in my mouth with crap like "better decarb or it won't work", it's pretty fucking ignorant lol! You mean better decarb or you won't get high and youre still wrong. It just takes more.... I know, I have used it both ways.
  8. Not putting words in your mouth, just quoting you, and you said "With that said it is my understanding that RSO and like edible concentrates (pheonix tears for example) traditionally are NOT decarbed. The heat destroys some of the medicinal properties that this extraction is specicaly created to be used to take advantage of." I cut and pasted this from your comments above. The object is to have heat create medicinal properties, not destroy them.

    I just cut and pasted a quote from rick simpson's own website that says to decarb rso. What could be clearer than that? I'm not saying that thc-a doesn't have medicinal properties, because it does, just not the same properties as thc.

    It is an indisputable fact that Rick Simpson himself says to decarb RSO. Failure to decarb creates something called "undecarbed RSO," and that is completely different from "RSO."

    People need to know that the term "rso" assumes decarb, and that un-decarbed rso won't work the same.

    If you got high from weed that you didn't decarb, then that's probably because the weed partially decarbed itself, which will happen naturally over time. I've tried undecarbed weed too and got jittery, not high, because mine wasn't old enough to have undergone significant decarb.
  9. So decadent or not because it seems you said both for medical use
  10. Decarb for medical?
  11. Yes

  12. So heat in oven first?
  13. Yes.
    Pea sized nuggets in the oven uncovered.
    240 F for 40 minutes is what I've used for the better part of 10 years.

  14. Thanks for your reply ❤️

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