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Edibles failing

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by oilpit, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    I usually smoke a bowl of mids every night, on weekends 2-3 bowls of the best I can find.

    Over the last few years I have gotten brownies 5 separate times, and they haven't worked once. Every time except for one, I was with other people who got super blazed, but I was completely, 100% sober.

    I don't get it, I've started to ponder the idea that edibles don't work on me...but that just doesn't make sense.

    What do you guys think?
  2. take ur usually amount of brownies for example u eat 1. just eat 3 next time
  3. People who face digestive difficulties have the same challenges with edibles. We're often somewhat incorrectly referred to as those with 'edible immunities', which isn't exactly the case. Your average acquaintances can walk into a dispensary and eat a single cookies, and it blows them away, you walk in and get two or three of the same kind, eat them all, and nothing happens. I have dealt with this for years, over seas and before dispensaries.

    Usually it's a processing issue, people without digestive difficulties have a much easier time digesting and absorbing what few cannabinoids are available which have been improperly or under processed, the rest of us are more resistant. This is why processing is so crucial (and so confusing for some people, when they 'know' they made them right because they felt 'something', but others don't), and why I started making my own edibles years ago for myself, and patients who require a little more care and and attention to detail, than the simple methods it seems most dispensaries are using. Some people with digestive difficulties have no real noticable health issues, maybe you're a little more tired or sluggish than you should be at times, maybe you get tired after eating instead of energized regardless how early in the day it is, others can barely function due to the fact they have difficulties absorbing everything from nutrition in food, to pharmaceutical meds, and canna edibles.

    Anyway, it's a possibility that for whatever reason, your body requires edibles that are processed to be more systemically bioavailable to your system.
  4. Well I can't for the life of me remember where I saw this guy explaining all things that could go wrong with eating edibles, but I know that you shouldn't eat an edible when you haven't eaten in ages. Maybe an hour or two after your last meal. Hopefully someone will have some more info on it.
  5. To be honest, what you've eaten shouldn't matter, unless you literally JUST gorged yourself on as much food as you could possibly handle, then decided to top it off by squeezing in an edible. That will definitely dilute and stretch out the effects. Otherwise, if eating a small meal a half hour before or after, effects the quality of your edible substantially, odds are it wasn't an edible of great quality to begin with.
    Having an empty stomach can cause your liver to drain off some of the effectiveness, it's good to have eaten something small at least once during the day before an edible, but again it's a problem that doesn't occur so much or at all, with decent edibles.
  6. Make your own edibles man. That way you can control the amount, and how its made. It is entirely possible that your friends got higher dosed edibles than you. Making your own is the way to go.

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