Edibles fail.

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  1. My friend had about 8-9g's of stems saved up from the past month or two. So him, and another friend decided to make edibles with them, using butter to extract the remaining bits of THC that were clinging to the stems. So they cook up the butter, but wind up throwing all the stems in the pot. Cooking up the edibles with the stems inside. I ate a little bit and couldn't do it. The texture and taste was terrible. I was already skeptical about the stems even working but that made me throw the towel in, lol.
  2. I can’t do this.
  3. It was pretty painful. Didn't realize this until after I took a bite or two.
  4. Your friends are idiots.
  5. My friends made oil but put like a whole bottle to only a couple of grams, then tried making smoothies with it...I almost yacked
  6. lmfao man that was a fail beyond a fail hahahaha. go point and laugh at them for me.
  7. So what kind of edibles were you guys trying to make? Your description of the process is a bit confusing. What did you end up taking a bite of?
  8. i place my bet on cookies or brownies lol
  9. Could you imagine a weed cookie with stems pokin out? :laughing:
  10. Next time, strain your material through cheese cloth after processing the butter, then add to your cookie or brownie or whatever edible of choice. Easy.
  11. They were making funfetti cake. Pretty disgusting.
  12. Ugh thats nasty, never made edibles with stems. Why would they do that, have they ever made edibles before?

  13. well you generally would remove the stems from the final product (the butter i mean, not the final edible product) lol. Ive made batches with stems... though it was a LOT of stems, worked just fine hahaha

    much prefer trim though, so much easier to work with
  14. First time I made special cookies, I just threw chopped weed into the mix. Worked great but you could still see little bits of weed in them. Got me very stoned and tasted nice too. After a couple weeks of eating one or so a day I had farts smelling like pot.

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